Parking Lot Finder App Development


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We are creating mobile application that helps users to find parking lots based on the use Gps on our smartphones.I want the tutor specialist to cover those bullet points in depth and to answer all the below questions in depth too.I don’t want the work to be an essay type. However each paragraph should be under each bullet point below.Professional work is required.4 up to 5 Word pages are required for this assignment.Graphs for the time wasted of people in Washington D.C trying to find parking is required.Graph of the growth industry of the parking lots in the DC area is required.You can add upon that what you feel is related to the assignment you will find above each bullet point what is required. How ever all of what I have mention here has to be addressed, Plus the below bullet points need to be covered in depth under each line of them.I will provide some of other documents that is related to this assignment in order to help you better doing it in the best way.Please follow the instruction carefully.1) Overview of the venture’s product, process or service the value proposition, what the firm intends to do, what business it is inWhat we plan to do, in bullet points (1)- Our main goals- Industry is worth how much $$$- The problem- How we intend to solve it- Technology enabled solution- etc
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