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Web Browsing Policy Assignment

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Added on  2019-10-18

Web Browsing Policy Assignment

   Added on 2019-10-18

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Web Browsing Policy
Web Browsing Policy Assignment_1
Task 2 :Part 1.1) Plug-ins can do1.1 Activex can do1.2 Java can do1.3 Javascript can do2) Prohibited sites cannot do3) Cookies can do4) Downloads can do ( using security)5) Personal use web browsing can do (when work & culture is not effected)5.1 Online banking can do5.2 Online purchasing can do5.3 Online selling can do5.3.a Online advertising can do ( with few restrictions)5.3.b Online soliciting cannot do5.3.c If they dont harm society or person at any level then according to that basis they are permitted or restricted.6) Changing browser setting cannot do7) Browser patches can do8) Using secure sites can do9) Browser parasites cannot do10) Using private data cannot do11) Using web links can do12) Home page configuration can do
Web Browsing Policy Assignment_2
Task 3 :Threats to the 4Phones systemAs we see that when any type of business rise and evolve, then they need to develop their alreadyexisting system as well as need to upgrade their system. As 4phones system size increases then itmakes sure that it will run in an effective manner. To get this it is very important to know about thecomponent used in the making of 4phones system IT infrastructure and always keep an eye on thosecomponent /tools availability and their performance. 1)4phones system mainly designed to manage the servers, client and other tools to control thesystem in a proper way. Topology mainly depend upon operational management product. 4Phonessystem mainly uses 3-tier system topology where system configuration, management of servers andclient seperately. This is mainly used for largescale system which is managed centrally. In this two lan are used for web-based admin view of the 4phones system. 2) There are different types of information system and 4phones system have all of them. Like following picture shows the various level of organization.
Web Browsing Policy Assignment_3

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