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Web Development Assignment | Mobile Web Application

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Web DevelopmentModule Title:Web DevelopmentAssignment Type:Main AssignmentProject Title:Design and Implement a Mobile Web ApplicationProject Date:20th October 2016Assignment Compiler:Weighting:Marked out of 100, worth 30%Due Date:4 December 2016Method of Submission:Moodle uploader on course pageFeedback Method:Provided once graded through Moodle FeedbackAssignment IntroductionA company that sells building supplies has contacted you and asked you to develop a mobile webapplication to allow customers to purchase goods online. Currently the company is working in a paperbased format and often has issues keeping track of inventory and distribution.Design and implement a web based application for the company to allow customers to login and purchaseitems that are for sale. In addition to this employees of the company should be able to view productsavailable, add products and manage shipping for each customer.The company has specified that they wish this to be done using a web based app solution (jQueryMobile), allowing users of smartphones and iPhones to have a good experience when viewing productsand placing orders.User AccountsAs the system will be used by a number of different people, different user account types must be created.Depending on the account type, different options in the system will be available to them. This can be doneby redirecting the user to the correct page once logged in.Customer - A customer should be able to log into the system and select a number of items topurchase. Once they have added the items to their cart, they should then be brought to an “OrderComplete” page, logging details of their order in a database and providing a unique ID number fortheir order.System Admin - The system admin should be able to view all of the user accounts in the systemand view a list of usernames and passwords associated to each user.Staff Member - A staff member should be able to add new products into the database, view a listof all products currently in the system and modify any of the information for each of the products.Delivery Department - The delivery department should be able to view all of the orders that areplaced in the system, and print out order packing slips which provides information about theuser’s address and the products that are being shipped to them.
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System RequirementsWhen users open the application on their smartphone, they should be greeted with two mainoptions, register on the system for a new account or to login to the system with an existingaccount.All of the pages which the user is viewing should always be validated to ensure that a user is noton a page without having a validated account.After a customer has logged into the system, they should be presented with four main options.1.View the current products available in the system2.View orders which the user has currently made in the system, providing details of theorder and the current status of the order shipping.3.Edit account information. All of the basic information about the user should be loggedincluding their name, email address, telephone number and current address that all of theproducts will be shipped to.4.Logout of the system, invalidating the current session.Storing passwords in plain text is a security issue that should be avoided. When users register fora new account, the password that they enter should be hashed and salted.All input fields should be validated using client side validation, checking for length and blankvalues.After any user has logged in, a session should be started storing their username and a token toensure that the current session is validAfter a user has finished with the system, an option should exist to logout and destroy the currentsession.As the company is sensitive to automated attacks, a CAPTCHA should be added onto the loginpage to ensure that automated bots cannot login.Wireframes for the system must be developed, to ensure that the client will sign off on the overallstructure of the program before the development process is started.The database structure should be designed and implemented ensuring that each record can beeasily identified if a single order needs to be referenced or deleted.Customer Account Options
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