Discussed Urls and Hyperlinks

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Discussed Urls and Hyperlinks

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Week 1We started to work on our virtual machine that we will be using it in future practical sessions and also in which our course work will be delivered in.Week 2 The second week was on web security were supposed to capture how it is shared and can be secured. Indoing this we are supposed to consider the confidentiality of the information, the integrity of the information and the availability of the information and after all should produce a strategy that a future social media network could adopt. The first task was for one of us to create a Google Doc and name it “Webf1 Security Policy Task and share it with the partner. We listed all the different kinds of informationthat you generate on a day to day basis in which we wrote “Username, Password. Banking information, Location, Type of music you like, programs you watch, when I wake up, when I go to sleep, where I work etc. We also classified them into 3 main categories which are secret, sensitive and public. We were also asked what the information might be used for and for that we wrote: it might be used by businesses to advertise similar things that I have shown an interest in, the information may be also used to send emails to you about potential services or products etc. that you may like, also if you have an account on an online shopping website they will look at your purchase history and then suggest specific products that they think you might be interested in e.g. Amazon, and information about you may be used to allocate certain privileges e.g. your unique student card maybe allow access into certain buildings, eg the library.Week 3In the third week we were given a literature review that covers risk mitigation in personal online security. In other to start we are supposed to do lots of readings and write down at least three sets of search terms that you will use to find literature. We were supposed to go to the library and find materials that we understand. For the literature review I included introduction, the body and conclusion. In the body I talked about Personal information(Data) Exposure Vectors and after that talkedabout the mitigation Measures.Week 4In the fourth week we learnt about academic writing. In this practical we were supposed to rewrite phrasal verb sentences using a more appropriate verbs. Examples are :they have been looking into the issue for decades. This becomes they have been investigating the issue for decades.This problem was brought up during the lecture : This problem was raised during the lecture. In the second task we were also asked to replace phasal verbs without cues. The third task we were made to choose appropriate adjectives or expressions. The task 4 made choose formal words and phrases. The fifth task we concentrated on contraction alternatives. The task 6 was avoiding personal and subjective writing. The seventh task was to exercise caution. The eighth task was accurate formal writing
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