Annotated Bibliography on the Incompatibility between Slavery and Education


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Week 4 Annotations 1Week 4: Annotated BibliographyStudent NameCourseProfessor McCarthyDateAnnotation 3:Author’s name and publication detail-Greenberg, J., 2010. Report on Roma education today: From slavery to segregation and beyond. Columbia Law Review, Vol. 2. pp.919-1001.Annotation detail- In this paper, the author has given a historical background of the Roma in the Eastern Europe andthe background of the African Americans who walked on similar paths with regard to slavery. It has been mentioned here that during the nineteenth century, they were emancipated simultaneously but for many years they suffered from poverty, discrimination, poor housing, badhealth and lack of educational facilities. During the World War 2, there were several Roma who was murdered as they did not have means to fight due to the condition of slavery. The author hasquoted that, “for climbing out of that abyss, they required to be educated so that they could get into good jobs, settle in good houses, but, their education level remained segregated and inferior”(p. 1000). This has been quoted because he wants to tell the readers about the benefits of education that the people can get and the way in which education can help them in coming out of

Week 4 Annotations 2their miserable conditions. But, the inferior and segregated education did not let them come out of their miseries. This is a descriptive paper, where the author has described the conditions of Romans due to the slavery and lack of education. Though no direct conclusion has been made bythe author, but it is evident from the paper that the compatibility between slavery and education is very poor. Apart from compatibility, it has been observed here that slavery and education are dependent on each other. The people who are slaves find it difficult to get educated and the people who are lacking education, get it difficult to fight their condition of slavery.

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