Title: An Overview of IT Developments, Integration, and Risks in Organizations


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Title: An Overview of IT Developments, Integration, and Risks in Organizations_1

Habibullah Tohin Aman 1110556HardwareCPU – The CPU in the lastyears has developed to allowthe users to be capable to domultiple tasks without thecomputer to be slowed orfroze and that was possibleby increasing the power ofthe processor to elaboratemore actions in the sametime. For example, Intellaunched recently a new i5and i7 processor to give the highest experience to the usersbased on how they want to use the computer for example auser who want to play games needs a processor with an highpower of clock speed that can allow him to play without lagsother than a user who wants only to use computer to run softapps. Hard Disk – The hard disk has developed in the last year toincreasing the capacity to storing data. For example TDK hasdemonstrate in 2012 a hard disk with the capacity of 2 TB insingle platter of 3.5 inch. In the same year, Toshiba came outwith a hard drive of desktop pc that had 3 TB in 3 inch aftermanufacturing hard drive only for laptop with the dimension of2.5 inch. In 2014, Seagate introduced a hard disk with thecapacity of 6 TB without using the helium but that increasedthe power consummation of it and decreased the overall costand that allows a lot of people to buy it. This year 2015,HGST reach the capacity of 10 TB in their last hard drive (thefirst hard disk that have that much as capability) calledUltrastar Archive Ha10 SMR HDD” with a dimension of101.6 x 147 (width x depth in mm) with a weight of 650 g.From the data of the development that I have wrote above itcan be clearly seen that the hard disk is developed in theoverall years to increase the power of storage data and increasethe performance that means speed of copying and reading files.Based on this facts the hard disk have developed to have morespace and less size possible in order to give the facility totravel with it.CAD/CAM – Stand for computer aided design and computeraided manufacturing that is used to design and manufactureproducts. The computer aided design usually use models thattypically appears in the monitor as a three-dimensionalrepresentation that can be read or changed by changing theparameters. The computer aided manufacturing usegeometrical design to give instruction to the automatedmachinery that allow to have physical part of the design. At theend, CAD/CAM manage methods of geometrical encoding todesign and manufacturing ofproducts.Wireless – The wireless in the year have developed in order toincrease the power (Speed) of receiving and transmitting data,the latest wireless devices have reached the capability of 300mbps on transmitting and receiving data instead of the100mbps of the past years.2009 – The arrival of 802.11n2009 saw the final version of the 802.11n, which was evenfaster and more reliable than before, as it was built with moreantennas and multiple streams of data. ‘Multiple input multipleoutput’ data (MIMOs) describes the use of multiple antennas toenhance communication of both the transmitter and receiver.This gave us significant increases in data without the need forhigher bandwidth or transmit power. It does this by spreadingthe same total transmit power over the antennas to achievepower and efficiency.Emails - the emails are used in an organization as system forthe communication between the organization and the customeror between employees of the company. The emails used on thecompany are in a formal format that means that there is noemoticon and the emails should be divided in paragraphs bygiving the subject and introduction about why the email iswritten. The emails also need to be proof-read in order to avoidall the grammatically mistakes such as punctuation and spellmistakes. The emails between the employees should be writtenonly if it is necessary and it is not a way to chat or spam withother colleagues.SoftwareWindows- Windows is a software system developed fromMicrosoft, this system have developed in order to improve ineach version the graphical interface that they provide for theuser. A new software came out in 2015 is the Windows 10 thatin fact of features has the start button again as the previousWindows systems have except for the Windows 8 and 8.1.This software is given to all the old users that have a genuineversion of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, in term of functionality thesoftware allow the user to run 4 different application at thesame time and in the same screen. Also the system is updatedmonthly in order to provide more security to the users fromvirus and other dangerous application as the system canprovide. Integration of application software - (also called EnterpriseApplication Integration, shortly EAI) combines a lot ofproductivity software applications that have the same interfaceand similar features into a single package.Management Information Systems - have been created inorder to help the users to manage a company. It gives to the2 | P a g e
Title: An Overview of IT Developments, Integration, and Risks in Organizations_2

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