Development of IT and its Impact on Businesses


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Mechanical Engineering
CPU – The CPU in the last years has developed to allow the users to be capable to do multiple taskswithout the computer to be slowed or froze and that was possible by increasing the power of theprocessor to elaborate more actions in the same time. For example, Intel launched recently a new i5and i7 processor to give the highest experience to the users based on how they want to use thecomputer for example a user who want to play games needs a processor with an high power of clockspeed that can allow him to play without lags other than a user who wants only to use computer torun soft apps. Hard Disk – The hard disk has developed in the last year to increasing the capacity to storing data.For example TDK has demonstrate in 2012 a hard disk with the capacity of 2 TB in single platter of3.5 inch. In the same year, Toshiba came out with a hard drive of desktop pc that had 3 TB in 3 inchafter manufacturing hard drive only for laptop with the dimension of 2.5 inch. In 2014, Seagateintroduced a hard disk with the capacity of 6 TB without using the helium but that increased thepower consummation of it and decreased the overall cost and that allows a lot of people to buy it.This year 2015, HGST reach the capacity of 10 TB in their last hard drive (the first hard disk that havethat much as capability) called “Ultrastar Archive Ha10 SMR HDD” with a dimension of 101.6 x 147(width x depth in mm) with a weight of 650 g. From the data of the development that I have wroteabove it can be clearly seen that the hard disk is developed in the overall years to increase thepower of storage data and increase the performance that means speed of copying and reading files.Based on this facts the hard disk have developed to have more space and less size possible in orderto give the facility to travel with it.CAD/CAM – Stand for computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing that is used todesign and manufacture products. The computer aided design usually use models that typicallyappears in the monitor as a three-dimensional representation that can be read or changed bychanging the parameters. The computer aided manufacturing use geometrical design to giveinstruction to the automated machinery that allow to have physical part of the design. At the end,CAD/CAM manage methods of geometrical encoding to design and manufacturing of products.Wireless – The wireless in the year have developed in order to increase the power (Speed) ofreceiving and transmitting data, the latest wireless devices have reached the capability of 300 mbpson transmitting and receiving data instead of the 100mbps of the past years.2009 – The arrival of 802.11n2009 saw the final version of the 802.11n, which was even faster and more reliable than before, as itwas built with more antennas and multiple streams of data. ‘Multiple input multiple output’ data(MIMOs) describes the use of multiple antennas to enhance communication of both the transmitterand receiver. This gave us significant increases in data without the need for higher bandwidth ortransmit power. It does this by spreading the same total transmit power over the antennas toachieve power and efficiency.Emails - the emails are used in an organization as system for the communication between theorganization and the customer or between employees of the company. The emails used on thecompany are in a formal format that means that there is no emoticon and the emails should bedivided in paragraphs by giving the subject and introduction about why the email is written. Theemails also need to be proof-read in order to avoid all the grammatically mistakes such aspunctuation and spell mistakes. The emails between the employees should be written only if it isnecessary and it is not a way to chat or spam with other colleagues.
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