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Weekly Portfolio Learning TableDescription of topics including reading samplesLearning outcomes of the courseLearning from your experience, this and prior unit reading, assignmentsSupporting documentation including your prior learningWeek 1: Program and Portfolio Information SystemsPart 1: SEBoK Introduction - 'Introduction to SEBoK'Part 1: SEBoK Introduction -'Introduction to Systems Engineering';Part 7: Systems Engineering Implementation Examples: Matrix ofImplementation ExamplesThis topic is quite important because it helps in the introduction of not only system thinking but also system engineering as well as the system management tools, concepts, techniques, principles, portfolio, andprogram managers or the PPPM.This topic is quite important because ithelps in depicting how systems thinkingactually presents a very powerfulperspective that can be used in thedevelopment of ensuring solutions thatare capable of meeting the strategicgoals of the organization (PMI, 2013). Itwill also help in better ascertaining theeffective application of both systemengineering as well as systemmanagement thus helping in theorganization of complex projects andeven in the identification ofimplementation systems that are used inthe creation of outputs, management ofthe information flow and supporting ofboth effective management ofknowledge and decision makingprocesses. -This topic will also greatly help instudying how the PPPM applicationsystems in the organization can beeffectively implemented as being a mixSEBoK http://www.sebokwiki.orgKerznerAS/NZS 15288:2015Various Academic Journal articlesPMI (2013) The Standard for Program Management – 3rd EditionPMI (2013) The Standard for Portfolio Management – 3rd EditionAXELOS (2011) Managing SuccessfulProgrammes 4th EditionAXELOS (2011) Management of Portfolios 2011 EditionNicholas and Steyn1of 3

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