With a bachelor’s degree in public affairs and a master's degree

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With a bachelor’s degree in public affairs and a master's degree in insurance, Iunderstand the significant benefits that a sustainable financial market can bring to thesociety and the powerful tools that finance can utilize to restructure risks. However,finance doesn't lack insufficiencies which are usually human related such as greed andfear. With the belief that even the worst intention can benefit the society under properregulation and vice versa, my long-term goal is to become a professional in designingfinancial regulatory systems. While the weakness of finance can also be attributed tomachines, such as crowded short, flash crash and ultrafast black swan events underalgorithmic trading, regulatory methods must evolve correspondingly with theastounding technological advancement. Therefore, my short-term goal is to start aprofessional career in risk management so as to observe the evolving risks and thechanging of regulatory methods.To achieve these goals, I have done many things. First, I have passed two levels ofCFA examinations so as to acquire a methodical knowledge in finance. Intrigued byhow mathematics can safeguard the logical integral, I have accomplished as manymath courses as done by engineering students. Additionally, my unique undergraduateprogram enables me to conduct Macro-based public policy simulation and analysisutilizing quantitative methods.In my senior thesis, I constructed an actuarial model to calculate deficit in Chinesepersonal pension system. I found that though touted as a defined contribution pension;
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