Work-family Conflict: Types and Impact on Female Teachers in Qatari Public Schools


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Running Head: Work-family ConflictWORK-FAMILY CONFLICT

Work-family Conflict1Research QuestionsThe main objective of the study is to understand the types of work family conflict experienced byteachers based on an anticipation that they have conflict issues between their work and family.Following are the question that has to be answered with the help of this research report –What sorts of conflicts that are faced by female teachers (mother or marriage) while balancing work-family issues specifically in Qatari public schools?What are the impact of work overload, support of supervisor which are the job-related issues on the work-family conflict for female teachers?What is the impact of family issues like parents demand and family support on the work-family conflict for female teachers?Research StructureThis research paper consist of five chapters are as follows- The first chapter includes the introduction of the research topic; further introduction consists of three parts that are significance of the study, research questions and the research structure.The second chapter of the research contains literature review which is related to the research area. It includes the definition of key terms, review of the past research and theoretical framework of the study.The third chapter focuses the research methodology of the study. In this includes the research strategy, data collection method. For data collection method both primary and secondary data collection method is used by conducting an interview and focus on samples of the study. This

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