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Running head: WORK-LIFE BALANCE ISSUEWork-Life Balance issue

WORK-LIFE BALANCE ISSUE1IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the problems and issues faced by the working women’s while balancing their professional and personal lives. The woman is playing an important character in the family. She manages all the housewife’s related activities which include the responsibility of children, husband, and managing of home. The lives of working women's face many difficulties because she manages the career and as well her personal lives.Issues faced by women’sThe working women's has to manage the personal lives and their careers which are very difficult to balance both at the same time. The women play a different character in her personal lives which include motherhood, wife, sister, daughter, grandmother, and others. The healthy work-life balance needs the support of his partner (Darcy et al., 2012). The balancing is the highly personal challenge according to the science careers. The difficulties include the burden of professional responsibilities and family responsibilities (Nassif, et al., 2016). Another issue is thespending of quality time with the family while perusing the careers which is very challenging because the working women's usually have fixed working hours, so they spend very less time with their families. The major challenge is to explore new career opportunities or look after the family and children (Sandberg et al., 2013).

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