Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Management System

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Running head: ENFORCING WHS AT AUSTRALIAN HARDWAREEnforcing WHS at Australian HardwareName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1ENFORCING WHS AT AUSTRALIAN HARDWAREAnswer 3(d):Thehumanresourceswhich implementation of workplace health and safety (WHS)management system at warehouses of Australian Hardware would require would beseniormanagers, store managers, team leaders, lower level workers and WHS consultant.Thehuman resources would also include hiring alegal consultantto guide the company on thelaws pertaining to WHS in Australia (, 2018).Thephysical resourceswhich enforcement of WHS at Australian Hardware wouldrequire consist ofcameras,safety equipments likefire extinguishers, automatic oil andchemical cleaners and automatic lifting machines. The other resources required resourceswouldlight systemsthe illuminate the entire floor area andartificial flooringwhich wouldprovide sufficient friction to prevent staffs carrying heavy goods from slipping(, 2018).Thefinancial resourcesthat would be required to acquire the human and the physicalresources consist of allocation of funds by thefinance department, investment generatedfrom investors, revenue generated from sale of products and loans taken from financialinstitutionstowards the purpose. The approved amount of funds considering all thesesources of funds would be AUD 1000000 (Australia, 2014).The budget below would show the utilisation of the financial resources to acquire thehuman and physical resources stated above:Amount(AUD)Amount(AUD)ParticularsSources of funds(Note)Funds allocated by financedepartment250,000.00Investment from investors
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