Reflection on Mr. Taylor's Healthcare Experience


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Reflection is very crucial to patients such as Mr. Taylor since it helps in getting
deeper insights of the patient needs and hence assisting the nurses in responding to these
needs (Asselin, SchwartzBarcott & Osterman, 2013). This task uses the Gibbs six steps of
reflection to reflect upon the experiences of Mr. Taylor regarding healthcare. The model
helps in understanding the steps that should be followed when reflecting upon a nursing
experience (Algoso, Peters, Ramjan & East, 2016). The reflection is based on global
standards of care as well as the ethical and legal framework of nursing. The paper begins with
a description of Mr. Taylor's health experience. The article then discusses my feelings and
thoughts concerning Mr. Taylor's nation. The section also describes the things that I believe,
which influence my feelings towards this scenario. An analysis of the patient experience is
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done based on previous literature. The paper also contains a brief conclusion and an action
plan that describes how patient care can be improved.
This paper reflects upon the health journey and experience of Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor
has had a long and eventful life about his health. The article reflects upon Mr. Taylor's life
from the moment he fell and suffered a horrible injury on his way from buying groceries.
After Mr. Taylor experienced the first fall, he went to see his physician, who only
recommended an x-ray be done. The physician did not recommend any further checks to
determine whether or not Mr. Taylor may have suffered any further internal damage. After
falling for the second time, Mr. Taylor underwent several blood tests which revealed that he
had anemia. During previous tests done before Mr. Taylor experienced the accident, the
doctor had failed to discover the disease even though the patient had been suffering from the
symptoms for a significant period.
Additionally, the tasks reflect upon Mr. Taylor's previous experience with public
hospitals which made him stay in pain the entire night waiting for his physician. Mr. Taylor
describes how he suffered kidney stones and was kept at the hospital for more than 11 hours
without seeing a doctor. The type of care Mr. Taylor received from both the physicians and
the nurses who were assigned to him. Mr. Taylor was also suffering from a variety of other
diseases such as hypertension, allergic rhinitis, and he was industrial deafness.
Feelings and thoughts
After listening to Mr. Taylor, I have a feeling of sadness as well as pity. I feel sad
because, when Mr. Taylor was suffering from kidney stones, he suffered for more than ten
hours waiting to be attended at the public hospital. I also feel pity for the patient because he
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