Question-   (2 Points) A ball is thrown upward and outward from a height of 6 feet. The height of the ball, f(x), in feet, can be modeled by f(x)=〖-0.8x〗^2+2.4x+6 , where x is the ball’s horizontal distance, in feet, from where it was thrown.

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Eee ee ee ee in fet, can be modeled by f(x) = -0.8x? + 24x +6, where xis the ball’s horizontal distance, in feet, ftom where it was thrown, a. Whatis the maximum height of the ball and how far from where it was thrown does this occur? 'b. How far does the ball travel horizontally before hitting the ground? Round tothe nearest tenth of foot. c. Graph the fimction that models the ball’s parabolic path ‘Use the coordinate template below to draw the graph.

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