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Accomodation Management


Room ratecould be typically defined as the price or cost that is charged by the hotel or lodging industry for overnight lodging.Hotel pricing is determined by any combination of the following factors: location, seasonality, demand, star rating, amenities, value of services and other hotel competition. During peak season, the hotel can get more bookings by offering high-value promotions with no rate discounts. Similarly, at the time of a low season, the hotel can provide weekend special, length of stay discounts. OTAs are a great channel for creating brand awareness and drive higher room rate.// Creating an ultimate experience for your guest includes giving out complimentary services. For e.g.: Offering them a complimentary spa service or massage services once in a year or at the time of festivals. Many festivities are often sponsored by the government or corporate bodies. These events play a vital role in catering your guest with a momentous experience. This way you can book their tickets and inform them prior to the events that are happening in your nearby areas or venues. Your guests are ready to pay extra bucks for entertainment, and this is what adds to your hotel room rate.//Hotel Yield Managementinvolves selling the right room to the right customer at the right time. Since competitor price, customer preferences, budgets and demand levels keep changing, a variable pricing strategy also called as dynamic pricing is used to tweak room rates in accordance with the said factors. Here are some factors we should consider when optimising for yield: Special rates for multi-room stays, Reward long-staying guests with upgrades, Special packages tied up around seasonality and events, Special rates for groups, tours, airlines, conferences, etc.A simple example might be a hotel that is located next to a stadium. On the days around the concert or sporting event, the hotel will charge more for its rooms than it does on the weekends before or after.


Room serviceor in-room feasting is an inn service empowering visitors to pick things of food and drink for conveyance to their lodging for utilization. Room service is coordinated as a development inside the food and refreshment branch of very good quality lodging and resort properties. It is exceptional for room service to be offered in lodgings that are not very good quality, or in inns. Room service may likewise be given to visitors on journey ships. Room service might be given on a 24-hour premise or restricted to late-night hours as it were. Because of the expense of modified requests and conveyance of room service, costs charged to the benefactor are ordinarily a lot higher than in the lodging's café or fold shop, and a tip is normal.//However, there are some potential issues.  Food and beverages are considerably more costly than normal, Hot food can get cold before conveyance to the room. The visitor might be less inclined to encounter nearby food, Visitors can't notice the food being readied, Room service menus are regularly restricted so things can be cooked consistently by cooks on various movements with basic abilities. The job of lodging the board concerning room service is to guarantee visitor fulfillment and to address any grumblings and inquiries that may emerge. Their obligations additionally incorporate enlisting, preparing, and overseeing staff.// The food and drink services area contributes an extraordinary arrangement to the benefits in the accommodation business. With the increment in the significance of conferences, a scope of individual and get-togethers, countless clients visit cooking foundations as often as possible. The food and drink experts energetically work to strengthen clients' experience through their service. The F&B Services giving organizations convey food and refreshments to their clients at a specific area (on-premise) like an inn, café, or at the client's planned premises (off-premise). Food and Beverage Services can be comprehensively characterized as the way toward planning, introducing, and serving food and drinks to the clients.


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