Question-   Apple's Environmental Goal



1 - Reduce Carbon Footprint- One of the goals that the UN has set for itself is to reduce the emission of carbon and its footprint. In order to get into line with apple is making all efforts to have its products that are made without any emissions related to carbon. There is a supply chain and related things that tend to create a lot of carbon and pollution to the environment. (Le Blanc, 2018)The supply chain is the key area where the company is focusing to reduce emissions. Throughout the product life, there are things that cannot be classified as very fit for the environment. These may also add to the carbon footprint and Apple wants to get it away from this.


  • There is a need to support the communities and save them from the impact of the effects of carbon and its emission. To increase the efforts and make sure it’s viable, Apple is going to invest in the business of minority communities. These would be someone that is affected by the damages caused by the environmental hazards. These are something that has displaced them and they might help to build themselves up.
  • There would be a dedicated 100 million dollar investment towards racial equity. Next, there will also be dedication related to providing equal justice to everyone. There are also issues related to economic equity, education, and criminal justice that need to be addressed. The environmental issues and racial equity cannot be separated and have to given equal importance.


Apple is having a very well-managed functional team that is committed to environmental goals. It is making changes to the way they use electricity in their project. With the partnership with China and making green initiative funds, they were able to reduce their electricity needs. There are also making renewable energy available to the local communities that would eventually help them grow. Over 80 percent of the energy goes towards the small and local community. This ensures they are giving towards the society and helping everyone in the process.


The company is very committed to the goals of the environment and is working towards a cooperative social responsibly that would help drive the local community towards the various set of objectives. It has been able to boost the economy of the country by providing millions of jobs. This is important as they might find cheaper alternatives elsewhere. They have environmental impact products each of which are tested and tried with the highest industry standards so tey impact they have on the environment is minimal(Krishnan, 2020)al and they reach their sustainable objectives.


The company is getting innovative in recycling by encouraging people to exchange their old phones for some benefits.  The main objective is to reduce the carbon footprint of the environment. This will reduce the number of people buying into the damaging smart products. The aluminum that is used in the products especially electronic devices is able to create carbon emissions to the highest level. Apple is using recycled aluminum from the phones that would help them in reducing the carbon footprint of the product. There are regulated substances that are specifically qualified for use. Apple makes sure they are using only those substances and processes that will help the community and environment.


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