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I have observed and always admired the way Tech companies like Netflix look to reinvent the world, not just technologically. Still, by reimaging business methods and ensuring things are done in a more liberal, people-centered, and innovative way. Some of the areas include company structure, employee relations, accounting, management, public relations, remote work, workspace, and recruitment processes.

Netflix has successfully reimagined the relationship between the recruiter and the hiring manager; this has resulted in the two positions working together, not just because they have to. Instead, there is a  more synergetic relationship at work that has yielded tremendous results for the company, employees, new hires, and even creating excellent candidate experiences for all involved in the recruitment exercise. Candidate experience is vital for businesses like Netflix because a bad experience for a single candidate can result in a loss of revenue, like the case of Virgin media that lost millions of dollars due to a bad candidate experience.

Netflix has a unique recruiting culture different from the conservative, tactical and operational recruitment cultures obtained in many big corporations. The recruitment culture emphasizes a collaborative, cohesive, open, and genuine relationship between the recruiter and the hiring manager. Within this culture, trust is never lacking. Therefore, the hiring manager has extensive powers and can ultimately decide who to hire instead of the traditional constructs where the manager places an order. The recruiters simply fill the position by following prescriptive and pre-defined processes.

In contrast, the recruitment culture at Netflix is non-prescriptive or pre-defined, fun, and engaging; the culture of recruiting is anchored on three principles: Freedom, Candor, and Empathy as enshrined in the company's trailblazing culture deck.  Freedom alludes to the liberty and trust that the hiring manager enjoys at Netflix, even deciding who to hire and how much they should earn. The company simply trusts the hiring managers to do the right thing on behalf of the company, which sounds refreshing. Candor, as a principle, refers to the openness and frankness in communication between the recruiter and the hiring manager. This openness gives room for candid feedback and either party's ability to challenge decisions through open, clear, and honest communication; this is possible because everyone is aware of the importance of hiring and is a stakeholder in the decision's outcome. Empathy is crucial between the recruiter and the hiring manager because frank feedback may seem harsh and demotivating if genuine care is lacking. The recruiting culture also insists that hiring managers must also show empathy to candidates to enhance the experience.

Overall, the recruitment culture is consultative and strategic as opposed to tactical or operational recruitment processes.  The recruitment culture answers critical strategic workforce planning questions because it is securing the right people to fit roles and retain them. It is evident that Netflix has a clear organizational strategy that connects all its workforce planning and human resource planning

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