Question-   Assignment on “Uncle Tetsu’s”


      Department of Marketing & International Business






Monir Hossain likhon




DATE: 20March 2021


SWOT Analysis








  • Internationally popular and famous
  • Strong brand image
  • Healthy and quality product
  • Similar like American cheesecake
  • Strong management and PR team
  • Restrained and delicate Sweet in the cake
  • Very good demand




  • Limited production facilities
  • Cake is very sensitive to carry
  • No product variation in product line
  • Product price is high
  • Product is only for non-veg people
  • Cake is not long lasting




  • Texas is business friendly state
  • There are lots of Asian American population in Texas
  • Low tax Texas in Austin
  • New product concept
  • Available worker in Austin
  • High young age population



  • Property tax rate is high
  • Negative global impact
  • Competition in the market
  • Limitation of purchase power
  • Unstable wreathing in Austin Texas
  • Low population in the area
  • Ethnocentrism Product












  • Internationally popular and famous: Uncle Testu’s cheesecake is very popular worldwide. They have 96 stores worldwide. They need to open many stores in different type of countries.
  • Strong brand image: Uncle Testu’s already have good brand image and they can take advantage for this brand image in Austin Texas.
  • Healthy and quality product: Their product quality is very high but need to improve their quality more.
  • Similar like American cheesecake: Their cakes are more similar to American cheesecake and it is a good advantage for them.
  •  Strong management and PR team: Uncle Testu’s have a successful PR team but they need to improve their connection with customer.
  • Restrained and delicate Sweet in the cake: In their cheesecake they use less sweets and its healthy for all.
  • Very good demand: In international market they have very high demand because they are already famous worldwide.



  • Limited production facilities: Uncle Testu’s are take long time to prepare the cheesecake. They need to improve their storage and making skill.
  • Cake is very sensitive to carry: Cake is very soft that’s why when someone carries it the cake break down. Uncle Testu’s need to look after that.
  • No product variation in product line: Uncle Testu’s offers only five type of cake to their customer they need to increase their product line.
  • Product price is high: Their cake price is very high that’s why not everyone can’t buy their cake. So that uncle Testu’s need to reduce their price.
  • Product is only for non-veg people: Uncle Testu’s only offer non-veg people. They need to make item for veg people for that they can increase their market.
  • Cake is not long lasting: Another weakness is their cake is not long lasting because of its ingredients.


  • Texas is business friendly state: Texas: Texas is a business friendly place and their people already know about uncle testu’s cheesecake.
  • There are lots of Asian American populations in Texas: There are lots of Asian American people in Texas they like to eat uncle testu’s cheesecake.
  • Low tax Texas in Austin: Texas government charge low tax that’s why it is a business friendly state. They need to open more outlets in Austin Texas.
  • New product concept: Uncle testu’s chessecake is different from American regular cheesecake for that people can try something new.
  • Available worker in Austin: Lots of people in Austin are unemployed and for this uncle testu’s recruit local people for their shop and its best to recruit local people for any business.
  • High young age population: About 50% of populations in Austin are young and they would like cheesecake and for that it’s easy to find customer.


  • Property tax rate is high: Property tax is very in Texas and for that uncle testu’s have to increase their fixed cost.
  • Negative global impact: Uncle testu’s is made by Japan for that political or many global issue can impact negatively in their business.
  • Competition in the market: In texas there are already many cheesecake store and they have already loyal and potential customer. So that it’s a threat for a foreign company but if they promote their product more and more than they can reduce their threats.
  • Limitation of purchase power: Uncle testu’s cake is expensive for that they cannot target all customer. It’s better to reduce price for that they can reduce their threat.
  • Unstable wreathing in Austin Texas: Austin weather are most of the time remain hot and for that uncle testu’s refrigeration their product for keep product fresh.
  • Low population in the area: Texas is a big state but their population density is very low for that their selling rate can be low. If they make some loyal and potential customer in short time then it will be good for them.
  • Ethnocentrism Product: uncle testu’s cheesecake test different from American cheesecake and it’s a threat for them because it’s a possibility to people may not like their test. If uncle testu’s making cake based on American people test then it will be good for them.













































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