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               The FFCRC has been an R&D organization that helps energy businesses design solution for technical and management issues. In such instance, FFCRC has tried to assist Engie Energy Resources design a business plan for commercializing technical product they created at REIDS-SPORE Demonstration project. Hydrogen has been more viable like a microgrid fuel source although few hydrogen microgrid exist but has turned as a challenge these days. The significance of reliable energy resource within growth and development of nation is a fact. While energy acts as a significant role for prosperity of any economy, the accessibility and affordability has been a crucial challenge and concern. The spate of economic growth witnessed during industrial revolution phase and was largely seen owing to the availability of energy as a crucial factor.
               Affordability of source of energy has been a major benefit during industrial revolution phase. It is interesting to mention that the 21st century era is marred through unaccountable energy challenges that ought to be addressed. The global population seems to have surpassed the available energy resources. Seven billion people have overstretched the conventional methods which has been used for long time within electric energy production. Across the country, sustainable microgrids has emerged as a crucial tool to fight against climate change and increasingly common natural disaster. During the wake of hurricanes, earthquake and wildfires the traditional energy grid across the country and struggling to keep the power flowing, causing outages which slow local economies and ultimately put lives at risk. 
               Microgrid as a power instillation are designed to carry out independently from wider electricity grid within emergency situation has been around for decades but until turn of century relied almost exclusively over fossil fuel for generating power. Initially, fuel cell create power from hydrogen and the other option is to use electrolyzer for creating hydrogen. Electrolysis has comprised use of power for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolizer could be small units, size of household appliances or wide central facilities associated with renewable or other clean form of power production. Hydrogen has been renewable and hydrogen based generating plants could provide grid services. Hydrogen electrolyzers are controllable loads enhancing overall microgrid flexibility. Hydrogen could ignite more easily than gasoline or natural gas that could be dangerous as per U.S Department of Energy. The hydrogen has been produced from waste would be put within fuel cell in healthcare sector and could be used the power generated through fuel cell. 
               Microgrid which could island can take advantage of fuel cell in such instance. The cost of fossil fuel is rising each day and it will not be around forever. It means there would be a finite amount of them and we require to find other methods to obtain energy. Most of the present energy sources which are available are high maintenance, expensive, polluting and could eventually be depleted. Green energy is gathered through renewable sources that are naturally renewed on a daily base like wind, water, sunshine and geothermal heat. 


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