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Outline of the company(client)

Blue Waters Limited was founded in the year 1999 on the island of Trinidad and Tobago (Blue Waters, 2020), with the idea coming to fruition in 1995 as a junior in college, Dominic Hadeed founder and owner of Blue Waters wanted to start a business around bottled water, with only twelve employees including one salesman and two trucks (Blue Waters, 2020), Mr Hadeed created what is now one of the largest and most preferred bottle water in the Caribbean region today.

After the company was established, they began acquiring other companies such as Aqua Pur which is an existing bottle water company, Pernon Ricards Trinidad Ltd which distributes alcohol in Trinidad and Tobago, they also began joint ventures with Pepsi Trinidad, vending plus which is the largest vending business in Trinidad and Tobago, also Blue Waters began expanding their product line by manufacturing and distributing enhanced water, flavoured water, Tampico, Juse and Beverage solutions, and finally the company moved into a new 250,000 sq ft Orange Grove facility which is described as world class by international manufacturing standards for beverages where it bottles water from an artesian well underground, then filters and purify to distribute to consumers across the Caribbean region.

Blue Waters Ltd continues to be a dominant force in the market by maintaining a lead over its competitors by remaining innovative, strategic and doing it ‘the right way’ as Dominic Hadeed states

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