Question-   (PDF) The Impact of Talent Management on Employee Performance



The purpose of this study is to learn about the relationship of talent management to employee performance and its impact on company benefits. Based on the collected and analyzed data, we can see the positive effect of talent management on employee performance and can help the company increase profits. The study has complied with what is set out in research proposal, the sources are taken from textbooks, reputable authors to increase reliability.

Firstly, when preparing for the research paper, the researcher does not have much knowledge about the talent management field and is still vague about coming up with ideas to learn about its impact in the working environment. . Later, in order to improve understanding and get more clear ideas for the topic, the researcher has read reputable sources about talent management on the internet and learned from those who have had experience in research assist.

In addition, when writing about the general foundation and the situation of the company, the lecturer made the comment that the researcher must talk more about how the company recruits and applies talent management to achieve high efficiency. Next, the research question has not clarified the problem of the topic, confusing, so the researcher has read and thoroughly studied the topic of the study to give the most appropriate research question and bring effective answers to the topic.

The sampling chooses in this report is at first is Convinience Sampling Method but the sampling is not sufficient for research so that the researcher had changed into Stratified sampling. The reason for choosing this type of method is much more efficient and can provide greater precision than a simple random sample of the same size and we can ensure that we obtain sufficient sample points to support a separate analysis of any subgroup.

It also requires a smaller sample, which saves money for us to many other things in the report. Besides, this method also has disadvantages such as it may waste time and it could not present the opinion for the whole population. But my sample is just about 110 people in Sacombank Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi so it still suitable for me to apply this method because population is small so work time is also fast and convenient for data collection, saving time doing other part of research.

Later, if researchers do more projects, there are many lessons learned from doing this research. First of all, you must have a clear understanding of the meaning of the topic you are researching, prepare many documents with related reference sources to read carefully about the knowledge area that you are going to research to be able to give many ideas in Do step by step, especially give recommendation.

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