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In every county there are histories; history plays a major role by educating people and new generation on their past and presents. Today, I’m here to write about a county, which is Malaysia airway transportation and economy. Malaysia airport was built on 1929, Taiping aerodrome was a crucial airport in Malaysia and it was done by the British, structured with woods and it was used by non-military. By the same year, alor star airport was built and officially established in federation Malay states in south East Asia.On October 1937, Malayan Airways Limited was collaborating with a company from Liverpool know as ocean steamship which made a result, where air service could travel between penang and Singapore. After ten years, the airline operated the first national airline by turning domestic carrier into international airlines.In 1947, Malaysia flew its first commercial flight and the airline began as (Malaysia airway limited).On 1963, it was renamed as Malaysian airways after the formation of the air federation Malaysia. It didn’t stop there, since the year passed by, it was renamed as Malaysia Singapore airline and in 1972 as Malaysia airline system. On 1997, Malaysia airway took a different direction by traveling around the world as a trial flight knows as Boeing 777, to Seattle and Kuala Lumpur, which made a history and broke the record. After decades, new generation of flight 737 was announced under the same family of 777.This aircraft serve the growing markets of China, North Asia, South Asia and Australia.It was well modernized by adding features as reduce take of noise, much bigger spaces, giving much more value to customer as in economy and business class flight on 2011.2013, the airline became much bigger by connecting 16 new destination. In 2016, Malaysia Airlines introduced on their Airbus A330 300 fleet new Business Class fully lay flat seat and equipped with a Panasonic 16-inch touch screen in-flight entertainment system and a first class flight known as airbus A350 featured total of 286 seat, 31 seat in business class and 251 in economy class. Airbus A350 offer Business Suites on routes between Kuala Lumpur and London, Tokyo, Osaka, and Sydney.


Although Malaysia airline has their ups and down in history’s, they never stop surprising us by providing experience economy services as in, when a consumer purchases a service they are purchasing an experience. Malaysia airline consist of economy, business and first class but in every class there are experience in it such as food, seats and even their own spaces. In a premium cabin class seat is well worth the investment. The airline provide top notch inflight entertainment and fine dining service whereas a chef will prepare a Michelin star foods hence the passenger gets to choose their protein as beef, chicken and even a pairing sauce to complete the dish. In Malaysia airline this passengers categorised as business suite or passenger flying could the advantage of the airline chef on call service, whereby there would be a precooked meal over twenty delicious options but in a term and condition on 24 hours ahead of departure. Thus, Malaysia airline has taken the privilege to distribute traveling points to the loyal and frequently traveling people. This approach would make the consumer to feel loyal whereby they could use those points to purchase flight tickers with discounts and even rewarding them with price, food, accommodation and so on. These include priority booking, lounge access and a host of luxury services but it doesn’t stop there. When a plain begun to take of the airline provide a service then produce at the same time. First the ticket is sold then the services are produced but it works simultaneously.  Thus, some services can’t be touch, taste or feel but can be sensed in a good manner.  Members could accrue miles through card spending on activities, indulging in recreation and shopping. In addition, Malaysia Airlines is the official Global Airline Partner of Liverpool Football Club. This partnership make plenty of changes in the airline service as in the airline will provide free training section at Liverpool for the loyal customer and provide exposure to young Malaysian players through soccer clinics and professional coaching. When the year ends everything will be expensive as in holiday packages, flight tickets, and hotels. This is where Malaysia airline continues to motivate the citizens to travel by offering lower fares. This direction has result in growth in economic and business travellers in all economy sectors. Besides that, the airline provide better in experienced or trained staffs to improve their customer service by providing the need and wants to consumer which a customer will feel satisfied to travel with the same airline for  long term. At the core of our brand is the “Golden Rule treat customers as you would wish to be treated yourself - Peter Bellew. Positive growth has been in Malaysia airline whereby its focus more on passengers experience while traveling.  They offer great value on inclusive business and economy and they also see enormous growth potential from inbound tourism from China to Malaysia and outbound tourism from Malaysia to china.

In a nut shell,“Traveling can be such a bummer nowadays that people need a friendly voice”, Carolyn Hopkins Voice of 200 Airports & NYC Subway speaks to CBS News.In this airline industry every single act and decision made has its value and every service comes with package and it has its benefits. it depends what form of characteristics were relating. Work characteristics, The business has long hours, usually high and low pay depending on education and experience, and occasionally serving customers for their satisfaction, in this industry it’s all about services to consumer and providing the best for them. At an equivalent time, agency enjoys entrepreneurship, serving others, and satisfying others will realize nice rewards. Though wages area unit usually below in alternative industries, those that work for major companies or begin their own firms will become extraordinarily productive. It’s not at all associate business to strictly invest cash and luxuriate in returns whereas leisure. Cordial reception demands long hours and involves leading countless folks, each guests and workers.




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