Question-   Self-Reflection Questions


Self-Reflection Task


I would like to start my reflection report by giving thanks to all the people who allowed me to take part in this assessment. I will reflect upon my progress in all the activities that I have done in this report. I have learned how to handle digital technologies[ST1]  and it has helped me improve my skills of analysing and handling mechanisms of devices.[ST2]  I have learned to face the challenges in my life as a leader of an organization. I will be using these skills of analyzing, using techs for management, and to keep personal data[ST3] .

I have learned a lot of things regarding the changes that are predicted by the industry and digital drivers' transformation. The concept of digital devices and technologies inspired me a lot and helped me to figure out various aspects connected to it. I have learned various digital technologies including the Internet of Things. It is modern technology that helps connect physical devices to the Internet. 

I have learned the theory of agency and how the cost is transacted. I have studied various reports and journals to understand the theory. One of the studies was in the Hess paper which allowed me to reach on approaches to perform structured and systematic check and to produce ideas. by studying various reports, I was able to identify issues in management, culture, and operations, etc.

I have understood the importance of digital transformation. It is very valuable to understand the mechanisms of these digital technologies and their components (Marabelli, 2016). These digital techs bring transformation and gradually the opportunities come up. I will be applying this approach for the better implementation of aims and strategies in my organization.

. The alignment of business strategies and technology are components on which digital information management is relying (Patru, 2014). I was struggling to learn about AI due to its complex concepts but I investigated it and learned it. I also developed a draft of analytical strategy and information for the organization that I want to build in the future. With the help of these techs, I will be analyzing all the personal data and workers' surveillance too.

I am standing at a point where I’ve understood all the concepts of cost-benefit analysis and valuation, which are to be implemented in our company to benefit the organization. I not only understood the concept but implemented it in my organization too. I applied digital technologies and techniques in my workplace. When I was working in retail company, I was obliged to research over the customers' requirements. I used digital technology to collect and find out data. With the help of API, I unlocked value of the data. Although it was my first experience and went on average level but not outstanding.

Gartner’s hype cycle was a bit complicated to understand but it is very important to understand the concepts of innovation and technology. The disillusionment of the graph of Gartner's cycle represents the concept of IT.  I also researched over analytical development due to digital transformation and the effect of AI on it. The readings helped me understand the impact of data privacy and automation. I also used Davenport’s analytical stages which helped me in implementing API in my organization. The merging digital transformation technologies that I found out on my research are IoT, AI, cloud computing, big data and many more.


With the help of certain studies including book of trends and advances in information, literature reviews and journals about challenges faced in digital technologies.[ST4]  I have concluded that digital information management has key concepts, theories, and laws that must be understood before making any decision of working on any tool digitally. This process will increase the efficiency and productivity of my work and reduce the chances of errors. By witnessing various stakeholders, managers, and organization’s examples I understand the importance of information systems. Through these activities I have developed the skills of using technologies and understood the importance of digital technologies. Through these technologies, I will be reducing the mechanical work which will gradually save time and labor.


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