Question-   The 6 key benefits to the achievement of customer love





The 6 key benefits to the achievement of customer love are: (1) customers who love you go out of their way to take care of you, (2) customers do not just recommend the company to their friends, they insist on their friends using the company, (3) they both forgive you for mistakes (once you have earned their love) and they try to back you up to others who have had bad experiences, (4) they will give helpful candid and forthright feedback when they see a problem, (5) they do not take legal action against you, and (6) they will pay more for what you offer because they feel that your offering is worth it.


1, 2 – loyalty and promotion of brand

3, 4, 5 – customers forgive mistakes, and also provide important and honest feedback and won’t put the company in danger of a potential legal action and defamation.

6 – loyal customers are willing to try new products and spend their money with you because they believe your product is worth it.


Discuss how each idea contributes to better relationship marketing:


They also share quick videos and images of customers drinking their product on Instagram. Sharing user-generated content shows you appreciate your fans, and it acts as social proof.


(1,2)Customers are willing to pay more for the same products and services if they feel the companies are providing extra value through interactions. And companies that provide the extra value are rewarded with long-term loyalty.



DISCUSS Benefits of the specific actions of the brand


Jurlique does this, this and this…

Then benefits of this…

How it contributes…



Activity Benefits include:

  • Customer attraction
  • Email – personalised messages for customers to understyamnd


7 Steps – (100 words per step)

100 words should include: the specific activities Jurlique do for this step, the benefits of these activities, and how the activities and their benefits contribute to relationship marketing.

  • Step 1. (e.g. enlistment)
  • Activities company uses aligning with Enlistment (3 different activities)




  • Benefits of these specific activities
  • How these activities and their benefits contribute to relationship marketing


Note: She said we don’t need to explain or define any of the theory, need to get straight to the point.



The fundamental purpose of marketing is to help businesses identify, satisfy, and retain their customers. These three actions lay the groundwork for what has become a strategic imperative in contemporary marketing: customer relationship management (CRM).  Building and maintaining a strong emotional bond and getting customers to love your brand is vital for company success. Taking care of important customers is essential, especially considering the golden 80-20 rule that states that in most industries 80 per cent of the revenue comes from 20 per cent of the customer base.  There are 7 crucial steps to building customer love:


1.Enlistment is about including and encouraging customers to contribute in their own way, customers care when they share and bringing them in as co-producers of a service makes them more loyal.  Jurlique uses a reactive form of relationship marketing to involve their customers by maintaining communication with customers via emails, where they’re not just promoting their products, but also encouraging feedback even if it is just a comment, suggestion, or random idea. It’s all about interacting and co-operating with customers when the opportunity presents itself. 


2.Engagement: customers who have an issue and complain spend twice as much as customers who have an issue and don’t complain, therefore the company must find a way to listen to and talk straight with customers in such a way that customers believe that their input made a difference.  On all online platforms Jurlique encourage feedback from customers… (more to add)


3.Enlightenment is about growing customer love. Educating and keeping customers up to date helps to build their loyalty and commitment. It's important for Jurlique to communicate with customers regularly and vary the types of messages they send to customers. Instead of constant promotions, they might also provide helpful newsletters, recommendations, or soft-sell messages.


4.Entrustment is a pillar of great customer experience. Reliability is vital for trust, so to convince the customer that you can be trusted, you must be seen as caring for the customer to get them to care for you. When customers trust a business, they are more likely to communicate any complaints directly. Honouring the trust of customers through an efficient and honest process during a crisis is essential. It can help companies prosper in the long-term, even if there are short-term temporary setbacks.


5.Customers feel empowered, informed and in control when they have an offering that is consistent. Jurlique are consistent in their core offering of quality natural skin care products.


6.Enchantment: making the process magical – service with surprises adds the sizzle and not showing how keeps the mystery and builds devotion;


7.Endearment in relationship marketing is showing that you really care about the customer and not just concern for your profit.  Creating or offering customised personal moments curated for your customers can create meaningful memories that resonate endearment. For Jurlique examples of this could be the offering of personalised recommendations and gifts, VIP offers, thoughtful giveaways of popular products and sending birthday and holiday greetings.



Discuss how each idea contributes to better relationship marketing:





Nico – retain and improve customer love




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