Question-   Why Childhood Immunizations Are Important?



The article illustrates the importance of vaccines among children. In this article, the author is concerned towards the issue and emphasize how vaccine are essential to children before they enter school to ensure they are protected from fatal diseases.


       Firstly, according to Malaysian Islamic Doctors Association (PERDIM) president, Datuk Dr. Ahmad Shukri Ismail, immunization vaccines should be made compulsory for children before they start schooling as children are at risk from diseases, which can cause an outbreak to occur if it is out of hand. Mainly because diseases like diphtheria are easily transmitted between people. Therefore, the Minister of Health, Datuk Seri Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad suggested that the immunization vaccine should be made mandatory.

        Next, the immunization vaccine can protect children from infectious diseases such as diphtheria. However, some parents still refuse to let their children be vaccinated because at this time it is not mandatory for children to be vaccinated before entering school. Therefore, it is up to their parents to protect their children from the disease, otherwise, the school may issue a permit to vaccinate their children.

        Apart from preventing children from infections, it can also protect them from being the carrier of those diseases. When children are at school, there is a risk for diseases to spread from one child to another. Based on a report from the Bernama, one of the victims of diphtheria is the older sister of a two-year-old boy who died of suspected diphtheria on Tuesday.

        In my opinion, I strongly agree with the author on the need for vaccines for children at an early age. Children are exposed to diseases that can be fatal to them if they are not vaccinated. Although the disease is not fatal, it can affect the health of the child and harm other children with a weaker immune system. Although vaccines are intended to help the public from disease, some people oppose the idea of vaccination because of false information made by anti-vaccine groups.

      To conclude this, I reaffirm my opinion that it is crucial for parents to vaccinate their children immediately before they enroll in school to reduce health risks. Therefore, I believe it is important to educate them to state the importance of vaccination to children and to prevent the anti-vaccine movement from spreading false perceptions of their personal beliefs and lack of understanding about vaccines.

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