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Being an artist is always appreciated and we have developed this culture as a part of our lives. As the old saying goes, " Art is one of the most expressive ways to convey our feelings through it." Even art also enhances our mind with calmness and connects us with more lively feelings. On the other hand, art is also a great medicine in the fight against anxiety and depression. In this digital era, art has developed its form and the developers have collaborated art with digital technologies. As a result, it is available at our fingertips.

Acting is one of the most convenient ways to express feelings with emotions through expressions. It creates an emotional sense in the audience and connects them with the characters. Films and theatre are the major performing arts and a great source of entertainment in the modern era. As the entertainment industry grows, these performing arts have become one of the prime interests among audiences. Over a few decades, it draws people to know more intensely about it.

Even the art of understanding the theatre also has developed various skills which enhance the curiosity of the students to know more about it. On the contrary, this keen interest of the students helps to venture into the history of this performing art and assists in the process to complete their film and theatre assignments along with the film and theatre notes.

Let us find out the future scope along with the reasons behind pursuing this art subject!

The reasons behind pursuing film and theatre as the subject for the students

For students who are passionate to know more about the film industry and want to discover the world behind the film reels, the film and theatre subject is appropriate for them. Even journalism and mass communication students can also pursue this subject. Furthermore, students in media studies also can take the course on this subject. 

1. The understanding study of film and theatre helps to improve communication skills and helps in personality development. 

2. This art also helps increase the research skill in a person, as a film involves lots of research-based  thorough work from character development to costume development. 

3. This study also helps to enhance the writing skills of a person and develop their imagination into reality. Even each fantasy and real event can be presented through this art with perfect visualization form. 

Furthermore, the students pursue this art as a subject and find the film and theatre study resources such as camera directions, the importance of production, characteristics developments, and the significance of the changing costumes according to the mood or the setting of characters. They also develop various kinds of film and theatre assignments to gain knowledge in this subject.

The future scope of the film and theatre study for the students

The film and theatre study helps students to discover more career opportunities in the future period. If a student is determined to take this subject, then the person can choose various subsections of this subject and create an outstanding career with recognition. Furthermore, they have opportunities like being a member of the production system, understanding the direction system and being a director. Even that study also opens several scopes in "film festivals" and "film critics ". It also opens a chance for costume designing.

On the contrary, there are various colleges and universities which aid students and guide them in this subject. Famous universities in U. S. A (“The University of Southern California, American Film Institute, New York University"), U. K (“The University of Warwick, University of Derby, Queens Mary the University of London, University of Stirling"), Canada ( "Vancouver film school, York University, Ryerson University"), and also in Australia ( "Griffith university, Deakin university, The University of Melbourne") and many more. These universities also help students to get more experience, so they conduct various seminars with top-qualified production houses and help students to get a chance.

These universities provide various courses such as a "graduation degree in film studies", study of televisions, understanding of screenplay, "bachelor's degrees on film and screen media productions" along with the understanding of fine arts, the study of directions and camera angles. They also help to understand the acting procedure of the new actors and help to work on their expressions. Furthermore, these universities provide various assistance in the film and theatre study notes and provide film and theatre study resources. They provide guidance in the film and theatre study materials for the students. The universities also provides other courses like Music, Visual Arts, Digital Media and Video Games on an online platform. Students can connect with these programmes from anywhere in the world.

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