130+ Marketing Research Topics for Marketing Students

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Before, listing the 130+ marketing research topics, you should first know about marketing, marketing research, how to write a research paper on marketing, and what are some of the most important considerations in choosing a research topic. And, if you are already known to or aware of all these things, then you can jump to the topics lists in order to choose the best marketing research topics. Let's go step by step:

What is Marketing?

Marketing involves all those activities that have been undertaken by the company to promote and endorse the products they have made to sell and to extend the reach of their products to a great number of people or consumers. Marketing is done by business professionals in order to attain the attention of potential consumers of their products.

Marketing can be done both physically and digitally, which means you can advertise and endorse your product easily, in both offline and online modes. Physical marketing refers to traditional marketing in which you connect to potential consumers and tell them about your products through, radio, mail, television, etc.

Whereas, digital marketing is the pro method of marketing that involves connecting with the consumers without putting so much effort, the process of digital marketing involves some effortless tools which allow you to engage with the consumers easier and more effectively, those such tools are, e-mail, social media, affiliate marketing, and content marketing like SEO and SMO.

What is Market Research?

Market research is the process of calculating and understanding the feasibility of a new service or product through research conducted directly with potential customers. Market research allows a firm to explore and find out the target market and get opinions and feedback from consumers about their interest in the products or services. Market research is basically a process of searching the market to get the conducive area or place, potential consumers, and the adaptability of their product in the market. The role of market research is to find out the target audience.

How to Write a Research Paper on Marketing?

A research paper is a document in which you explain what you have learned after exploring a particular topic so far. A research paper is written after deep and prolonged research on a topic.

While writing a research paper you mention at each end everything you have found till now. You mention the sources that have been used and propose all the pieces of evidence collected by you but interpret all the collected information in your own words and then write down a research paper. 

Writing a research paper on marketing is not an easy task, because the steps that have to be followed, becomes more difficult to follow while writing a research paper, particularly about marketing. Marketing is a vast field to wind up in a single document, and there is a plethora of information available about the market, which is hard to be compiled in a single document.

So, to avoid this hectic situation one has to be very particular about choosing a topic. Choosing a good topic will lead you to write a good research paper on marketing.

What Are Some of the Most Important Considerations in Choosing a Research Topic? 

The selection of the research topic is one of the most important considerations of every research. A research topic forms the basis for all the efforts a researcher puts into the research. When you are selecting a research topic there are several considerations that will help you slick down your thoughts and formulate a manageable and interesting research document.

There are a few points that have to be considered while writing a research paper:


  1. Specify and narrow down your research topic:

Doesn't matter how easy your marketing research topic is, it has to be specified. To make your specified topic manageable, narrow it down, which means breaking down the topic into various sub-topics and highlighting the important keywords to grab the focus of the reader on those words that will ignite a reader to read further.

  1. Always consider a significant topic to write about:

A marketing research topic chosen by you should be significant and worth researching. Because the significant topic will provide you a chance to collect good and significant information and real-time data that will be readable for a number of people of different age groups and classes.

  1. Choose a contemporary topic:

Avoid choosing an old-school marketing research topic that is outed and has already been chosen by so many people. Remember you are writing a research paper which means you first have to research and then write. But topics that have already been taken up can not provide you with a scope of research. So in order to grab the attention of the readers bring a new topic that is bizarre and interesting for the readers.

  1. Choose a topic that provokes curiosity in you: 

The topic should be significant as well as interesting at the same time because you can perform research on the topic only if it is interesting and can generate curiosity in you. An interesting topic always allows you to do hard work and research more. Remember an interesting topic written in an interesting way can be regarded as a Magna Carta. So, the marketing research topics should be chosen wisely.

List of 60 Unique Marketing Research Topics for Marketing Students:

  1. What is Digital Marketing?

  2. What Are the Components of Digital Marketing?
  3. How to Promote and Sell Services More Effectively to the Consumers?
  4. What is Traditional Marketing?
  5. What Are the Activities Involved in the Traditional Marketing
  6. Techniques Involved in Marketing.
  7. What is the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing?
  8. How to Identify the Ideal Customers?
  9. How to Recognize the Potential Customer/consumer?
  10. What Are the Four Ps of Marketing?
  11. What Are the Marketing Strategies?
  12. What Are the Types of Marketing Strategies?
  13. Direct and Indirect Marketing
  14. What Do You Mean by Guerilla Marketing?
  15. Write Your Views on Electronic Marketing.
  16. What Are the Effects of Event Marketing?
  17. Print Marketing is Still Valuable.
  18. Outdoor Marketing and Its Significance.
  19. Search Engine Marketing is the Contemporary Marketing Technique.
  20. Email Marketing Skills.
  21. Social Media Marketing and Its Output.
  22. Affiliate Marketing and Third-party Marketing.
  23. Content Marketing and Copywriting Are the Pro-marketing Techniques.
  24. Benefits of Strategic Marketing: Audience Generation, Inward Education, Outward Education, Brand Creation, Long-lasting, Financial Performance.
  25. What Are the Various Limitations of Marketing?
  26. What is the Basic Purpose of Marketing?
  27. Analyze the Results of the Marketing and Strategic Marketing.
  28. Why is Marketing So Important?
  29. Risks Involved in Marketing?
  30. Cons of Marketing: Oversaturation, Devaluation, No Guaranteed Success, Customer Bias, Cost, Economy Dependent.
  31. How Does Marketing Research Find Information?
  32. What is Paid Market Research?
  33. Are Brand Awareness and Repeat Purchases Relatable?
  34. Suggest Some Components That Help in Improving Brand Performance and Awareness.
  35. Best Social Media Marketing Strategies to Engage Consumers.
  36. Can a Startup Survive Without Online Marketing?
  37. How Online Marketing Helped Brands Survive in a Pandemic.
  38. What Is Ppc Marketing?
  39. Google or Amazon Ppc Marketing. What to Choose?
  40. Social Media Helps in Making the Image of the Brand.
  41. Competition Amongst the Brands on Social Media.
  42. The Role of Social Media in Making and Destroying a Brand’s Reputation.
  43. Social Media Marketing is Influenced by the Sales of a Product.
  44. What Could Be the Psychology of Sports Marketing?
  45. Engaging Fans by Making Sports Groups on Social Media.
  46. Sports Personalities Promote Brands and Uplift the Image of That Very Brand. Comment.
  47. Famous Sports Person's Image is Dependent Upon Social Media.
  48. Athlete Brand Collaboration.
  49. Sports Person Connects a Global Audience With the Brand They Are Endorsing.
  50. Online Games Give a Pedestal to Marketing.
  51. Sporting Events Are a Great Place to Endorse the Brand.
  52. Video Versus Image Marketing.
  53. Real Estate Rivals Can Be Outrun With the Help of Social Media Marketing.
  54. Animated Videos for Marketing.
  55. Digital Storytelling is an Interesting Way of Marketing.
  56. What Are the Professional Instruments for Digital Marketing?
  57. Seo and Digital Marketing an Effective Collaboration.
  58. Use an Influencer for Paid Promotions.
  59. Marketing Should Establish a Soothing Customer Relationship.
  60. Social Media Allows You to Recognize Customer Behavior.

Top 50+ Hot Marketing Research Topics for Marketing Students

  1. Factors That Can Drive Convergence and Divergence.

  2. Components of Competitive Marketing Strategy.
  3. Does Product Packaging Engage More Customers?
  4. How to Price and Position Products/services for Effective Marketing.
  5. Product Designing and Its Impact on Marketing.
  6. What Are B2b and B2c Marketing?
  7. The Main Differences and Similarities Between B2c and B2b Marketing.
  8. Best Practices in B2b and B2c Marketing.
  9. What Are the Various Social Media Platforms to You Use B2b and B2c Sales Tactics?
  10. Guest Blogging, a New Concept in the Field of Marketing.
  11. What Are the Campaigns That Should Run on Social Media for a Particular Brand or Product?
  12. A Good Marketing Strategy Could Repair the Bad Reputation of a Brand. Explain.
  13. Examining the Effects of Product Descriptions, Reviews, and Ratings Before Launching a Similar but Updated Version of the Product.
  14. Good Campaigning Can Buy Good Equity.
  15. Identifying the Most Important Factors That Contribute to Customers Switching to Another Brand for the Same Product.
  16. Discuss Language as a Barrier to Efficient Online Marketing Campaigns for Branded as Well as Local Products.
  17. Culture Can Influence Marketing?
  18. Branding is a Vital Instrument for the Growth of the Company.
  19. In Marketing, Customer Retention Rate Depends Upon Customer Satisfaction.
  20. What is the Best Marketing Strategy for Startups?
  21. Analyzing the Roi of Most Commonly Used Digital Marketing Strategies.
  22. What is the Best Digital Marketing Strategy for a New Product Launch?
  23. The Role of Email Marketing in Generating Leads.
  24. How Content is Used for Marketing.
  25. What Are the Few Tools to Promote Content?
  26. What is the Role of Micro-content in Content Marketing Campaigns?
  27. What Are the Inconsistencies in Communication of Products or Services Values?
  28. What Are the Various Factors That May Affect Your Marketing Research Plan?
  29. Tracking the Marketing History of a Potential Customer May Bring More Opportunities in New Marketing.
  30. Marketing and Sales Departments Should Be Inter-connected Give Reasons With Suitable Examples.
  31. Marketing Research Can Boost the Marketing of a Company and Can Bring Potential Customers to the Company. Explain.
  32. The Defined Segment of the Market Help in Getting More Targeted Consumers.
  33. How Digital Marketing is Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing?
  34. Digital Marketing is Smart to Work; While Traditional Marketing is Hard Work.
  35. What is Social Media Marketing and Key Elements of Smm?
  36. What is the Difference Between Community Management and Social Media Marketing?
  37. Data That Exists on Social Media Can Be Used as a Good Marketing Tool.
  38. What Are the Data-driven Social Media Marketing Tactics?
  39. Advantages and Disadvantages of SMM.
  40. By Analyzing the Choice of Modern Consumers You Can Actually Improvise Your Product to Increase Its Demand and Sales in the Future.
  41. Trendy Shopping Keyword Should Be Used While Endorsing the Product. Why?
  42. Obscurity of Various Similar Products in Different Brands.
  43. How to Calculate the Purchase Intention?
  44. What Are the Components of Social Media Marketing?
  45. What is the Pattern of Purchase Decisions of Generation Z and Y: Draw a Comparison.
  46. How to Improve Marketing to Drive Innovation.
  47. What Are the Characteristics of a Good Brand?
  48. What Creates the Loyalty of Customers Towards a Particular Brand?
  49. How Strategic Marketing Can Bring Potential Customers?
  50. Examining the Effects of Product Descriptions, Reviews, and Ratings on Purchase Decision and How They All Can Bring Leads for the Marketing.
  51. Sales Performance Can Affect the Consumer.

Top 20 Mix Marketing Research Topics for Marketing Students

  1. How the Customer Gets Influenced and Moved to Buy a Product of a Particular Brand. What Are the Things Required to Influence a Customer?

  2. How Can Guest Blogs Bring New Customers to the Website?
  3. What Are the Rules for Writing a Guest Post?
  4. Guest Post is the Form of Indirect Marketing.
  5. The Most Important Technologies Used to Improve the Customer Online Decision-Making Process.
  6. Online Shopping is a Boon for Both Sellers and Buyers.
  7. Online Business and Marketing.
  8. Virtual and Augmented Reality in E-commerce?
  9. Who is Responsible to Make Good Marketing Strategies for a Corporate?
  10. Is Running Advertisements on Television or Radio Still Effective?
  11. Is the Newspaper Readable by the Majority of People in a Country?
  12. Are the Newspaper Advertisements Effective or Not?
  13. Experience With the Brand of a Particular Person Can Affect the Incoming of New Customers?
  14. How to Price and Position Products or Services for Good and Effective Marketing?
  15. The Symbols of the Brand Also Affect the Sales of the Brand.
  16. How to Identify the Most Important Factors That Contribute to Customers Switching to Another Brand.
  17. Class Wise Detailing of Product and Its Cost.
  18. Email Marketing is the Cheapest Mode of Marketing.
  19. How to Face Rivals on Social Media Platforms.
  20. Is Social Media Marketing Giving Space to Fake Companies and Brands?


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