Top 50+ Research Topics for High School Students in 2022

Published 2022-08-09

Research Topics


A research paper is a piece of writing in which you explain what you have learned, analyzed, and experienced while studying a topic in depth.

A Research paper is a document that professes your knowledge and your analytical skills toward a particular topic. But writing a research paper is not an easy task, it is hard to show your knowledge through your writing skills.

So, It is essential to write in such a way that will appeal to the reader and will convince the checker that you can grow. Research topic for high school students is easy to find as being a high school student, as expectations of a  checker and reader are not high that high from you.

So, try to keep it simple and sorted. To make your research paper more manageable try to draw a mind map after choosing a topic try to make important headlines that you are going to write in a bold format and then research these headlines and try to compartmentalize your research in different paragraphs to make your paper easy to read.

Don't worry internet will help you in finding the best research topic and before this, you should know what should be written in a research paper and what the importance of a research paper is.

Importance of Writing a Research Paper for High School Students:

Being a high school student You might not express every idea that you get, while a teacher teaches you in a classroom because that might be daunting for you.

In this case research paper provides you with a great intermediating platform to express all your ideas and doubts which you were unable to communicate in the classroom.

A research paper is also a good way of stating something, for those who are shy in the classroom, though you know the answer to every question that has been asked by the teacher in the classroom.

As you are shy, it becomes difficult for you to answer. Plus research paper can fetch you good internal marks and improves your knowledge. Writing a research paper is always a blessing as it improves your writing and analytical skills and adds more points to your knowledge and experience.

How the High School Students Should Select a Research Topic?

  • Research topics for high school students should be of their interest. As interesting topics ignite the fire of research and analysis. It has been noticed that, if students have an interest in some topic then they enjoy studying that topic else they get tired off very soon so in order to write a good quality research paper high school students must seek the topic of their interest.


  • The second important point that a high school student must keep in mind while choosing a topic for a research paper is that the topic they are going to choose must have valid resources available in the market on which a student can research and about that research student can write. Being a high school student one must not do excessive research as it is the work of Ph.D. students, but high school students should keep it simple and crisp as they are still in a learning stage. So simply go for that topic whose material and information is available in the market. Being a high school student there are several topics available but still, the topic chosen by you to write a research paper should be significant and must be appealing to the readers. A topic should connect you as a writer with readers and should influence them.


  • So the third point is to go for the significant and influencing topic that is triggering for minds. The fourth point to be kept in mind by high school students while choosing a topic for research is, that they must choose a topic through which they can show their ability to learn, write and grow.


  • After all, a research paper shows the ability and potential you have so to show your potential you must choose that topic through which you can manageably prove your points and thoughts. Research topic for high school students is generally given by their subject teachers so in this case, a student must add those points which have been taught by the teacher in the classroom this will actually leave a good impression on a teacher. And will fetch you good internal marks.


  • Last but not least point is that your document should not be plagiarized. As, so much information is available on the internet today use that information correctly and in a more manageable way but don't copy paste, because by doing this you will lose your authenticity and this will leave a bad impression on others, especially on your teachers s choose the topic wisely first understand the topic you have chosen then search them on the internet from there understand the topic well and then write it down.

Therefore, while selecting a research topic one must keep these points in his mind to create a good document and avoid being rejected.

List of a Few Easy Research Topics for High School Students

Here are some interesting topics for high school students that they may consider if they are searching for a good topic to write a research paper. We are pointing out a few interesting topics, that will trigger your interest in researching more on that topic, are manageable and sources of these topics are available in the market also.

Top 5 Easy Research Topics for High School Students 

These topics are influential by nature. Topics that we are going to suggest to you are really good and will improve your own knowledge and will make you aware of so many new things. 

  1. Should recycling plastic be mandatory?

In this topic, you can take recycling as the main keyword around which your whole writing will revolve. The next word of utmost significance is plastic, so you can mention both advantages and disadvantages of using plastic, along with that you can also mention why plastics should be recycled and banned.

  1. Air Pollution due to aviation

The aviation sector every year releases huge tonnes of carbon into the environment; you can take it as a research topic through which you can suggest some measures to combat these carbon emissions.

  1. How to manage natural resources effectively

In this topic, you can take the readers towards sustainable development. And suggest your ways to tackle the problems which are coming in front due to the development.

  1. Role of media in global politics

In this topic, you can describe the role of media both on the national and international levels as media is the bridge that binds two or more countries together and shares the ideologies of different countries with us. Media also make us aware of what is happening around us in a simple way one could say that media connects one country with another. 

  1. Nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons are another important and innovative topic that is a good topic and frequently comes in news globally as it has some extreme effects. In this case, you can surely take this topic as your research topic and write the bad and good effects of nuclear technology and state your own points as well.

Some More Interesting Research Topics for High School Students

  1. Environmental Studies-Based Research Topics for High School Students

  1. International Affairs-Based Research Topics for High School Students
  1. Literature-Based Research Topics for High School Students
  1. Politics-Based Research Topics for High School Students
  2. Science-Based Research Topics for High School Students:
  1. Sports-Based Research Topics for High School Students:


Through this blog, we have provided some Research topics for high school students that might turn out helpful for young students. As selecting a research topic is always intriguing, we have solved this problem by providing you with some really good topics on which you can research and write.

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