How to write a TEEL Structure And Their Benefits?

Published 2022-08-22

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TEEL Structure And Their Benefits

TEEL stands for Topic Sentence, Explanation, Evidence, and Link and is used in the context of writing. TEEL is the pattern of writing that must be followed while writing an essay or any academic piece of writing as it helps in making your essay sorted and divided into a few informational paragraphs that is helpful for readers because it is easily understandable for them.

It is important to follow the structure of TEEL, as the structure influences the reader to read the essay further. Hence, the structure of your piece of writing should be clear and managed in paragraphs. The TEEL structure makes your essay more meaningful and patterned as in TEEL structure you break your thoughts into different sections and make a single paragraph for a single thought to explain it well and elaborate the particular thought well in a single paragraph.

This blog is solely dedicated to helping you to write a good essay in a well-organized form. Further, you will find some more tips for writing well, you will get to know what should be done and what should be avoided. while writing an essay.

How to write a TEEL Structure

Generally, students write essays either in a single flow or they use a traditional way of writing an essay that is an introduction then the body of an essay followed by the conclusion. This traditional way of writing an essay has become outdated as it makes your essay more lengthy, due to which the reader loses his/her interest in reading and barely reads the full essay that is written by you after so much hard work.

It is really daunting to know that nobody is reading what you write after so much research and hard work. To make your readers enjoy your writing you should do something that is unique and not followed by the majority of people. TEEL is a new technique that provides a good blueprint for your essay.

TEEL stands for topic sentence, explanation, evidence, and link. It sounds similar to a general pattern, of introduction, then body, and then the conclusion, but TEEL is more elaborate than the latter, as it deals with providing more information in lesser and selective words.

Advantage of TEEL Structure

  1. Topic Sentence

TEEL follows a pattern of first writing a “topic sentence”, in which you write only a single sentence for the topic on which you are writing a whole essay. That line should be well-defined and explain your whole essay in just a single line. Let’s understand the importance of writing a “topic sentence”.

In an essay, a topic sentence can be referred to as a first impression and your whole essay will be signified through this single topic sentence. So, write this single line in such a way that it should look like the main theme or crux of an essay. This first line should ignite a fire in the minds of readers and compel the reader to read the whole essay. So be careful while writing the first line which is the “topic sentence” of your essay.

A common tip for writing a good topic sentence: It is advisable that you do not write the Topic sentence at the beginning/starting of the essay, kindly write down the whole idea in the form of an essay then read out your essay, and then give an appropriate topic sentence to your essay. So first, complete the whole essay and then write its topic sentence, by this you will get the most appropriate title for your essay.

  1. Explanation

The next most important step is to write an explanation of your idea. An idea is always a single notion but in an essay, you explain your concept and elaborate on that single notion. 

At least one paragraph must be dedicated to the explanation in which you can actually write what you accept and reject about an idea. You can support your idea and convince someone to support it too. Here you should write the advantages of following your idea and disadvantages of the same idea too. 

A common tip for writing a good explanation of an idea: Suppose you are writing an essay on “clean energy”. Now clean energy is an idea that you have to explain. 

So while explaining this idea you should first write what is the need for clean energy, then if you support the idea you should explain why you support this by giving the advantages of clean energy and how it is beneficial for humanity. And then end up by telling the disadvantages of clean energy as it is quite expensive.

  1. Evidence

The next paragraph should be revealing the shreds of evidence for the points you mentioned above in the separate paragraph of explanation. Here you support your idea with evidence. But your evidence should be valid and real, based on scientific research, and scientifically proven. 

This evidence could be in the form of a quote, factual data, or a reference from a valid source. The shreds of evidence provided by you can make a big difference as it compels a reader to follow your idea. Remember, readers are going to trust your idea only if a piece of strong evidence backs it.

A common tip for writing a good paragraph on evidence of an idea:

It is advisable to research how valid your idea is. You may find help on google. Suppose you get an idea to write on clean energy then search this idea on google to collect some valid pieces of evidence or proof that support the idea of clean energy. These proofs should be collected from some valid websites only.

  1. Link

A Link is the most important paragraph of the essay, as it connects all other paragraphs together. This paragraph should be the last paragraph of the essay in which you should combine all the paragraphs of the essay and wind up the essay by adding a conclusion with this. The link finally explains the whole essay shortly and ends on a very subjective note as it depends on readers, whether they will support your idea or not.

A common tip for writing a paragraph or assignment on a link: suppose you have expressed an idea of clean energy throughout the essay, then in the linked paragraph you actually link an idea with its explanation and evidence and add some conclusive lines to wind up the essay. 

The link is important because it creates a connection between all the paragraphs you have added in the essay and squeezes the lengthy essay into a single paragraph. This makes the reader comfortable to read and connect the idea easily. 

Advantages of using TEEL structure

TEEL is very advantageous for writers as it provides the best structure to them in which they can fit their knowledge.TEEL technique has the potential to convert a normal essay into an exclusive one. It increases the chances of your essay, getting more potential readers. 

If you apply the TEEL structure skillfully, your paragraphs will have a stronger effect on readers’ minds and make the whole essay very convincing. This technique makes your writing more creative so that readers could adhere to your writing and end up reading the whole essay till the end. 

The TEEL structure brings you one step closer to becoming a first-class and exclusive writer and shows your potential to the readers that, yes this writer could become a future writer. TEEL structure allows you to stay focused on a particular topic and bind the reader’s concentration from one paragraph to another. 

With its help, a writer can present information in a lucrative, more structured, and logical way. It enables you to provide pieces of evidence to the presented arguments, which strengthens the analytical aspect of the writer’s essay. 


In the field of academic writing, one must use this technique. The TEEL technique not just provides the structure to your idea but also manages your idea to make it more lucid. In short TEEL technique is the best way to add embellishments to your thoughts.

The idea is the most precious thing in the world only a few humans have ideas and only a few out a few can write their ideas beautifully. So do not hesitate in writing your ideas, if you want to write down your idea then write it in such a way that can influence every reader who reads your essay or any document written by you. Remember, readers can not see you apparently but they can see you in your words so every word that you write should be chosen with great care. So proper shade of word should be chosen by you. 

In order to choose the right words, you don't need to work hard just use formal words in your documents and write an essay in the third person perspective, this will help you to connect with the readers. Hope we are successful in explaining to you the importance of the TEEL technique and we wish, that now you will definitely use this technique to make your document/ essay more convincing and powerful.

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