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Pros and Cons of Technology for Ever-Evolving World

Pros and Cons of Technology for Ever-Evolving World
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From stone tools to robots, technology has drastically evolved. Our lives today revolve around technology, from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night. In the last few decades, technology has become an amazing tool and resource for everyone worldwide by providing access to almost all the information and creating amazing tools to our benefit. But as every coin has two sides, similarly technology possesses both advantages and disadvantages. 

Hence, in this blog, we will discuss What technology, the current status and the advantages and disadvantages.

What is Technology?

The concept of technology is a subject of using scientific aims to enhance and evolve humans; it is also known as the change of environment through various innovations and techniques. For example, you can even find it in the device you are reading blog currently. Transformation in everything, from using soap paper instead of the actual soap or just water, to the transformation of telecommunication and industrial based products, everything is the gift of technology. However, with all its advantages, technology also comes with certain disadvantages which everyone should be aware of to use wisely. 

Technology in the Current World 

The world is becoming even more complicated in both good and bad ways; you cannot compare which factor entrusts more value and which one is just not worth continuing its use. Technology has changed the world, and this journey continues to understand how you can understand it with certain examples. Before 1969, nobody knew that walking on the moon was possible; now we know that we might live on Mars one day, as whoever is thinking about this information can pass it on to the world in just milliseconds through technology. Before 1999 nobody thought that we would click a button and video call with anyone around the world one day, but today it has become so common that human contact face to face becomes a miracle. 

Advantages of Technology

Faster Means of Communication- The innovation of cell phones, the internet, video call, e-mail, and chatting is the evolution of technology. Today's generation might not remember, but there was a time when things like a pager, wired telephone, hand-written letters were the way to communicate. Before that, maybe through animals or humans who used to carry the message by memorizing it and travel for days was a thing. With technology, there is a high chance that we teleport from one place to another in a millisecond; nobody knows. However, today, technology has defiantly increased the means of communication. 

Keeps Everyone Busy- sliding from one Instagram reels to another passes hours, and we don't even feel bored. Technology has given means to keep ourselves busy and does not overthink things. Currently, when the COVID pandemic made us anxious and stuck in our homes, technology helped us connect, learn new skills, gain information, and keep ourselves busy. 

Efficiently Improving the Business World can be considered the most important advantage, like business innovation, and technology makes globalization possible. It has increased communication, world economy, improved team coordination, given a huge scale of Knowledge for business associates to learn from, and has given growth to many industries, such as telecommunication, internet-based social apps, etc.

Allows gaining Knowledge- we can learn anything from the internet, and a piece of information can be achieved in just one click. The best thing is that if anyone wants to gain Knowledge, there is no end; with numerous gadgets, software, and options that technology presents, information is available about everything worldwide and beyond it.    

Better Job Opportunities- with the growth in the economy and business world, people's job opportunities have also increased through globalization and technology. Earlier, there were a minimum amount of job categories, and everyone had to decide from those categories based on what they could do. However, now, you can analyze what you are good at and make it a profession while creating jobs for others.  

Preserves Times and Efforts- it is also the most basic and the positive aspect of technology, as the innovation it presents has improved the ways to perform any task, and reduced the time it used to take earlies in completing that task. For example, earlier, it took hours to cook a nice edible meal; now, with ready-to-eat items, it takes 5 minutes, and sometimes even less. 

Saves Money by providing cheaper access to resources- technology has creased. They are also cheaper, which has helped in the growth of the world economy and given the middle-class people a chance to access its benefits. A few decades back, television was a luxury, and only rich people had access to it; not improving technology has created TV sets so cheap that almost everyone owns a set. 

Provides a Platform for Talent- if you are talented, technology has created platforms to present it in front of the world with the increased growth of social media platforms. It has increased people's mobility and adaptability skills to acknowledge other people, which has given rise to how many talents around the world. 

Disadvantages of Technology

Increases Laziness and Dependency in the upcoming generation- After reading all the above advantages, the technology subject seems invincible. Still, everything has a loophole and its side-effects in this world. Technology, with its advantages, has made humans dependent and, on many levels, lazy. The advantages of getting everything you need and want to know with one click, such as ordering food, clothes, and all other things online, have created a cycle of laziness. Hard work and the feeling of working hard for things before achieving anything becomes an alien concept, which is its biggest disadvantage.  

It has Decreased Human Efforts by taking control- with the decreased concept of working hard; people have given their control to technology, which has made them slower and more prone to not working and gaining everything they desire. Continuation of this will reduce the balance of the world.

Technology has Reduced the Right to Privacy and Security- privacy and security of personal data have become the main concern. When we access a cite, we first see an option of acting cookies or modifying our choices. Those cookies access our private information and have information about everything we do; this has increased fraud, crime, and many negative approaches in the world.

There is no way to ensure Trust in technology- technology cannot be trusted; it will always remain the main concern. The tools and software have their world version, with various nodes, bugs, and who knows what. Even if we have created software for our protection, they are also a part of technology, so what we should trust is still unsure.  

It Disconnects the world by Reducing Social Contact in-person- Early socializing was a face-to-face concept. Now using the world, socializing connects you with digital applications, such as Twitter, Instagram, and many more. Technology has made us more antisocial and private that things like finding jobs, and life partners, all have their access to digital media. This has increased the faze of mental illness worldwide by making people lonely, isolated, and emotionally unavailable. 

The Increased Number of Crimes has increased various crimes; plagiarism is one. People create things that are part of their talent, but anything has become so easy with technology copying that nothing is new. Nobody can acknowledge the actual talent with its uniqueness. Also, crimes like hacking private information, E-banking frauds, identity theft, social networking traps, blackmailing all are due to the increased access to technology. 

It Makes People an Addict- one thing that comes with every new variant is an addiction; technology also has the power to make people addicted. The current innovation of more applications and software which have the sole purpose of entertainment has given people a source of addiction, too, such as tick Tok, Instagram reels, etc. 

Sever Impact of Technology on  Health Issues- Television computers have rays that affect the human heart and brain, which increases health issues. Also, the trending society displays things such as smoking, drinking, and cool things to try, which eventually affects people's health. Along with this, technology also has the power to impact people's mental health, with its overachieving display and ignorance of human emotions. 


Everything that technology presents and takes from us cannot be explained, but to deliver a clear vision, everything that makes our life easy cannot be considered to not take other valuable aspects from us. To be benefitted from the advantages of technology, it is important to acknowledge that it healthy is to use everything in moderation; otherwise, overuse can take everything. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1- How does technology help us in our daily lives?

With its overpowering growth, technology comes with a solution that helps us improve our daily lives. 

  • Basic chores like cooking, cleaning, travelling have an advanced solution with technology.
  • The virtual world has given us the flexibility to work even remotely.
  • The gift of the internet has delivered access to all the knowledge we need. 

Q2- How does technology help in education? 

Students' learning experience has also evolved with technology; it has provided access to as much Knowledge as a student wants beyond the walls of classrooms. It has also changed the education system with innovative techniques of virtual teaching, Gamification, long-distance access to education, and blended learning methods. 

Q3- How does technology help in the COVID-19 Crisis?

With the pandemic leaving everyone to stay quarantined, technology presented sources to access information of the outside world, providing a platform to contact loved ones and everyone else. It also made people aware of the situation and precautions they should take, keeping them mentally stable during the Crisis. Technology also provided various solutions to help save lives, such as the oxygen masks, ICU Beds, PPE kits, all are the gift of technology. 

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