Campaign Goals and Customer Insights


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1Advertising project

2Part 1: Campaign Goals and Customer InsightsCampaign Goals (set by client) (university)-Increase enrollment by 50 students (enough to offer 2nd section). -Reaching nationwide. -Reach GenZCampaign TargetingDemographic- About the demographic targeting, an organization has the ability for reaching a particular setof consumers who are likely to be within a specific gender, age range, household income, andparental status. Psychographic-The psychographic segmentation will capitalize on this by dividing the consumers based onthe psychological factors, that consists of the lifestyles, personalities, behaviors as well asbeliefs. This is some of the factors that will help the organization in terms of predicting howthey and the consumers will be responding to the focused marketing campaigns (Reinholdand Alt, 2013). Geographic- The university must consider the area around the target market such as a college campus.Campaigns targeting the college students will be aged between 18 to 26 years, for instance,for the future, the university must target to the students from the different geographic region. Benefit- The meritorious students will be benefitted by this marketing campaign

3Usage- It can be used by the studentsCampaign ResearchA data-driven marketing campaign will be created. The data-driven marketing campaigns usethe data of the consumers for optimizing performance, by enabling more perfect assumptionsabout consumer behavior (students). The primary and secondary data will be used. The primary data will consist of the data that iscollected by the researcher. It is the data mainly collected for the purpose of the study andwill address the present problem that is how to gain more students. On the other hand, thesecondary data is mainly the data from all other sources that has been already collected and itis quickly available. It is the data that is extremely expensive in nature and can be attainedquickly from different published sources. It will be extremely useful when the primary datacannot be obtained at all. It can be said that there are some of the information by which the marketing campaign can becreated and executed. For creating the marketing campaign the following information isrequired:-Information about the right audience-Information about the partnerships that will reduce the entire cost of the campaign-Information about successful contents-Creativity-Information about the best SEO team-Information about consumer reviewsThe following are some of the information needed for executing the marketing campaigns-Ideas about brainstorming

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