Cinematography around the World Assignment

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CINEMATOGRAPHY[Document subtitle]
1The development and operation of the film and television industriesThe UK may fall under the shadow of its Hollywood counterpart, but British film industryworkers are hot property and revered around the world with many of the biggest blockbustersbeing produced by British film makers and backed by US-finance. Such is the demand for theskills of those working in this sector the average gross income for workers in the UK productionsector is around a third higher than the UK average income.As your career progresses you will be expected to adapt and learn new skills and it is yourresponsibility to identify the key skills that are relevant to the job you already doing and moreimportantly, for the job you want to be doing next. So be proactive and take steps to acquire asmany of these skills as you can and make yourself stand out from your competition.Script writersWriting is an art form that takes time to develop. You will need to learn how to develop yourcreativity, work to strict deadlines, and work as part of a team of other screen writers,development executives, story consultants and producers. And with this, you will need to handlecriticism of your work and take frequent rejection with a degree of composure. Although youdon't need any formal training to become a script writer, the producers you hope to sell yourwork to will expect screenplays to be submitted in standard Mastershot format, and will moreoften than not reject any submissions unless they are presented in this way. Not forgetting yourability to network for Britain – getting on and getting ahead as a screen writer really is a case ofwho you know but more importantly, who knows you.Production designersOnce you have served your apprenticeship and your career really starts to move forward you willneed to up the ante in terms of your skill level. Expect to become an expert in computer aideddesign (CAD) programmes such as Sketch-Up and Vectorworks, and as you progress through theproverbial ranks as it were you will become more involved in budgetary control so you will needto become familiar with various financial software packages. You will need to develop yourleadership skills and ability to forge effective working relationships with an often disparate team

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