Corporate social responsibility Strategies Assignment

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1. Introduction2. Executive SummaryThis study highlights the importance of strategic corporate responsibility in food and drinkprocessing company.It proposes that if Thrive Thirst devises effective strategic framework forcorporate social responsibility activities, it will have a positive impact on overall progress of thecompany. The significance and impacts of CSR activities on market share, employee motivationand brand recognition are analysed. Working conditions, health and environmental issues are thenotable issues that have strategic relevance with CSR activities of the company. Managersshould be assigned duties to take responsibility of policies assessment and allocation of CSRrelated activities to determine the improvements and identify the progress of activities related tocorporate social responsibility. Finally, this study recommends that, effective and well thoughtCSR strategy should be gradually implemented to perform well in the society. Stakeholdersinterest in organisation may lead to more responsiveness towards development and valuecreation in society.3. Business Rationale: Why company should engage in Corporate SocialResponsibility?The consecutive change in environment and demands have convinced many industries to devisenew policies and frameworks. Companies, with the passage of time, review their policies andstrategies to respond to the changes in environment.Food and beverage companies can earnmore profits if they are fulfilling their responsibilities in the society. Corporate SocialResponsibility enables a company to engage in better practices in society to live longer. If aThrive Thirst is a fast growing food and drink industry headquartered in Amsterdam,Netherlands with about 25500 employees and global operations. It mainly sells processedfood and drinks such as cereal, milk, butter, chocolates and mineral water to end consumersin local and International Markets. It has 3.2% Market Share Globally. Thrive productionplants are currently working in 4 main continents of the world. Thrive has 28 productionfacilities, 12 in Europe, 7 in Middle East, 5 in Asia and 4 in America
company participates in CSR activities, it can increase its potential customers. Moreover,investors shall be attracted to invest in the company. It is said that those companies which areengaged in CSR activities have great brand identity.Food and beverage is the leading industry in Netherlands, it has very high potential in terms ofimpact of environment. This is why Thrive Thirst is required to engage in CSR for the followingbenefits.Market Share:Thrive Thirst has 3.2% Market Share in food and beverage industryglobally. When customer buys a product, the decision is effected by how company hasparticipated in CSR activities. Therefore, we can increase the sales and revenue if wedevise new strategies for strategic corporate responsibility.Brand Identity:CSR activities of Thrive Thirst will be posted on different platformssuch as, Social media, magazines and reports.Employee Retention:Being involved in CSR activities, we can retain our employeesbecause our employees engaged in CSR shall feel motivated and proud of value of ourcompany.Recognition:Our company is required to engage in CSR activities actively, it allows thecompany to become a leader in the society. If our employees perform CSR activities, itwill give a positive message to public that company is taking stand to do good work inthe community. Moreover, being a CSR activist our company will also gain recognitionon media.Societal Development:Corporate social responsibility is necessary to establish a goodsociety. It is the responsibility of an organisation to engage in CSR activities in thesociety to alleviate poverty, build good institutions and provide basic facilities tominorities in less developed areas of country. In the last few years many food industriesare aimed at developing the societies by providing by expending some proportion ofrevenue to provide health and education facilities to needy people.4. Issues and Strategic RelevanceThrive Thirst operates in 4 different continents and it has consumers not limited to a singleregion but are dispersed worldwide. This makes Thrive Thirst a company with many factors to
consider like diversified labour force, working conditions, environmental challenges, and legalconsiderations. Some of the key issues are presented hereunder.I.Working ConditionsEmployers tend to benefit a lot if the employees are safe and healthy as it leads to aworkforce that is not only committed to the organisational goals but are also motivated togive the best of their abilities too.Thrive Thirst could use the following framework to build betterworking conditions:1A compatible level of compensationViolence free work environmentOpportunities for employees to grow professionallyProtection from health hazards and health insuranceFreedom of expression and associationNo gender discriminationDiscourage child labourThrive Thirst is in food and beverage industry, which is labour intensive in nature so it isimperative to build a working environment that is safe and free of any discrimination.Strategic Importance:Thrive Thirst is a food and beverage company having a global consumer base. Having betterworking conditions will allow the company to benefit in a number of ways including:i.Retention of skilled labourii.Opportunity to increase its market share as people appreciate a sociallyresponsible companyiii.Attracting new talentiv.Better exposure to new opportunities in countries that have stringent legalrequirements as to the environmental issues or health issuesII.Health Issues in Covid-19 era:1
Covid-19 has hit the world economy badly. The businesses around the world haveexperienced unprecedented decline in their productivity. Additionally, the threats thatCovid-19 pose to the people working in close quarters are far greater than what we havewitnessed before. The fact that there is no potent vaccine available for its treatment as ofyet has complicated the situation even more.Thrive Thirst can use the following procedures to meet the Covid-19 crisis efficiently:Prepare SOPs for social distancing and assign a health & safety supervisor tocheck the whether these SOPs are being followed or notArrange the working hours in a manner that more populated departments shouldbe rotated in shifts of fewer peopleApply work from home policy for non-production related staff like administratorsand finance department employeesFollow local health authorities adviseAsia, which constitutes about 60% of world population2, is more vulnerable given howpoor the overall population is and the working conditions that they have.Strategic Importance:Since Covid-19 first gone viral in China, businesses have seen significant decline inrevenues and due to severity of its infection cases countries have opted to lock down.Although the implications of Covid-19 are significant for any type of business, it has farreaching impact in terms of food and beverage industry because in shows that in futurewe need more hygienic food processing conditions.III.Environmental Issues"The food and drink sector contributes about 23% of global resources, 18% of emissions ofgreenhouse gases and 31% of acidifying emissions, that is why a global involvement isnecessary this industry to make it more accountable and efficient. "Marta Thomas, coordinatorof theSpanish Global Compact Network.32
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