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Annotated Bibliography on Police Discretion

Added on -2019-09-23

This annotated bibliography summarizes the central theme and scope of articles on police discretion. It includes four sources that discuss the complexity of police work, the importance of effective policing, and the need for standards in exercising discretion.
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Police DiscretionProject 1Student[Pick the date]
1IntroductionThe aim of this project is to prepare an annotated bibliography for the final project so that the readers are able to know about the relevance, accuracy and quality of the sources that have been cited in the project. This bibliography will be prepared using the intellectual skills like the exposition will be concise, the analysis will be succinct and the research will be done in the library. The annotated bibliography will summarize the central theme and the scope of the articlein the document or book and the comparisons and contrast will also be made with the other researches. Annotated Bibliography 1: Halliday, G. LEJA (n.d) 518-Issues paper: Police discretion.The author has described the work of police in detail here. The work and the tasks that police officers do are very complex and difficult. They have to deal with many challenges because the police officers have the responsibility to maintain law and order. They have the duty of directly interacting with the citizens and fir that, they have to intersect and interact with the people constantly. The author talks about the criminal justice system of US where the role of discretion is immense. The author agrees with the other researchers in this paper that the discretion requires the police officials to make difficult choices which are subject to scrutiny and they needto exercise good and sound judgment every time. Annotated Bibliography 2: RA, O. P. “Broken Windows” and Police Discretion.This is a research report which summarizes the history of the police accountability that led to various interventions by the government s that the police, law and the constitution can work in the same line. Just like the paper by Young, the author here has described the police discretion indetail and has mentioned that how the discretion is practiced differently in different situations.

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