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1. The object of the “Flow Control” is to allow the _______________Receiver To control the rate of the transmission.1.Sender2.Receiver3.Network Manager4.Connection identity2. Which are the characteristics assorted with ATM?1.CIR, EIR and DLCI2.QoS, AAL and OC33.Packet, Pads and three layers of protocols4.Tokens, bridges and dual rings3. Which is a correct statement about MPLS?1.It provides a layer 2 label swapping alternative to IP2.It switches IP packets along a path selected by the routing protocol3.It is most useful in the control core portion of the internet and intranets4.All of the above4. The major motivation in the development of IP V6 is1.Have many more available registered IP addresses2.Increase the Maxiumum allowable size of IP packets3.Provide IP virtual circuit services4.Reduce the size of IP addresses5. Frame relay circuits may be configured to have a committed information rate and _____________ information rate.1.Excess2.Marginal3.Maximum4.Incremental6. Which is an example of an IP address:1.300.,host124.ox32-45-B8-OE-63Revision Questions Lab 23Example Multi-Choice Questions

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