Networking Protocol and OSI Reference Model Quiz


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1. The postal delivery system is analogous with ___________________ protocols1.Virtual circuit2.Connectionless3.Connection free4.Connection oriented2. Which is a wide area networking (WAN) protocol1.Ethernet2.Token Ring3.Apple talk4.Frame relay3. An interconnection device at the OSI’s physical layer is a ______________________.1.Router2.Switch3.Repeater4.Bridge4. Communication between two completely different email systems may be performed by a __________.1.Router2.Gateway3.Gatekeeper4.Bridge5. A “Frame” is a unit of data at layer __________________ of the OSI model.1.Network2.Physical3.Datalink4.Transport6. In protocol packets, the data portion is carried in the information or payload field, while the control portion is carried in the _________________ field.7. The forth layer in the OSI Refence Model is called the _______________ layer.8. If you want to download a lot of information in a short time, you need a lot of ____________.9. The basic building blocks of a computer network include repeaters, hubs, switches and _____________.10. Protocols handle the “What Ifs” of network communications. True or FalseRevision Questions Lab 21Example Multi-Choice Questions

11. Many protocols are modelled after either; (1) telephone calls or (2) sending a message via the ______________.12. The OSI Refence model has ________ layers.13. Identify the topologies of the network diagrams (a-e) belowa.b.c.d.

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