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Networking Protocol and OSI Reference Model Quiz

Added on -2019-09-20

This quiz contains 23 multiple choice questions on networking protocols and OSI reference model. It covers topics such as WAN protocols, interconnection devices, packet fields, network topologies, and IP addressing. Test your knowledge and see how well you understand the fundamentals of computer networking.
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1. The postal delivery system is analogous with ___________________ protocols1.Virtual circuit2.Connectionless3.Connection free4.Connection oriented2. Which is a wide area networking (WAN) protocol1.Ethernet2.Token Ring3.Apple talk4.Frame relay3. An interconnection device at the OSI’s physical layer is a ______________________.1.Router2.Switch3.Repeater4.Bridge4. Communication between two completely different email systems may be performed by a __________.1.Router2.Gateway3.Gatekeeper4.Bridge5. A “Frame” is a unit of data at layer __________________ of the OSI model.1.Network2.Physical3.Datalink4.Transport6. In protocol packets, the data portion is carried in the information or payload field, while the control portion is carried in the _________________ field.7. The forth layer in the OSI Refence Model is called the _______________ layer.8. If you want to download a lot of information in a short time, you need a lot of ____________.9. The basic building blocks of a computer network include repeaters, hubs, switches and _____________.10. Protocols handle the “What Ifs” of network communications. True or FalseRevision Questions Lab 21Example Multi-Choice Questions
11. Many protocols are modelled after either; (1) telephone calls or (2) sending a message via the ______________.12. The OSI Refence model has ________ layers.13. Identify the topologies of the network diagrams (a-e) belowa.b.c.d.

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