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Research ProposalTo determine the compatibility between Slaveryand EducationStudent[Pick the date]
1To determine the compatibility between Slavery and EducationFrederick Douglass has written an autobiography called “The Narrative of the Life ofFrederick Douglass”. In that book, he has mentioned clearly that the slavery and education areincompatible with each other (Douglass, 2000 p. 3). The reason that he has given for this is, thatin his entire life, he has constantly been oscillating between an intense desire to become literateand educated and giving up hope altogether. He felt that his desire to learn to read was a curse onhim rather than a blessing or a true wish. Each time to thought of become a literate person, hisslavery came into picture and reminded him of the wretched condition in which he was living.This means that his literacy enabled him to know that his condition was wretched. He felt thatslavery was a pit in which he was fallen and he could not find a ladder to come out of it.Acquiring education was a constant battle for him which was very unlike to other people forwhom getting educated was no big deal because they were not the sufferers of slavery. Evenwhen he continued to battle for gaining education, his miserable condition did not improvebecause he started understanding the hopelessness of the situation that he was facing and hestarted realizing the pain of the other slaves.Not only this, the condition of African Americans was also very bad in terms of slaveryand education. They continuously fought for education because of slavery in which they wereliving. This shows that the issue of slavery and education had a great impact on our history and itmay still be persisting in many societies. Therefore, it needs to be examined.The paper seeks to review the literature that talks about the various characteristics andfeatures of the slavery from which the people suffered in the past and its impact on the educationthat they got or did not get. The reasons that made people suffer from slavery and lack of
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