2.1. a) The following formula is used:.

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2.1a) The following formula is used:Time required for the nth unit = T×LnTime required for the 8th unit= 2400 x (0.8)8= 402.65 hrsb) Total labor hours for eight systems: 8469.387 hrsUnitsHours124002153631228.84983.045786.4326629.14567503.31658402.6532TotalHrs8469.387c) $9,451,531should be the bid which includes $ 1270408 of architectural and engineering cost(that is labor cost).UnitsHours124002153631228.84983.045786.4326629.14567503.31658402.6532Total Hrs8469.387Labor per Hr ($)150Total Labor Cost1270408
Software & Licensing($750,000*8)6000000Total7270408Add Profit 30%9451531d) Total cost will change to $7,538,119UnitsHours124002173431473.941252.81551064.8936905.15887769.3858653.9773Total Hrs10254.13Labor per Hr ($)150Total Labor Cost1538119Software & Licensing($750,000*8)6000000Total7538119e) The bid should be $14044975UnitsHours124002173431473.941252.81551064.8936905.15887769.3858653.97739555.880710472.498611401.623812341.3802Total Hrs12025.51
Labor per Hr ($)150Total Labor Cost1803827Software & Licensing($750,000*12)9000000Total10803827Add Profit 30%14044975
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