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Professor’s NameStudent’s NameInstitutionTHE CELLBackground of Cell
1THE CELLThe basic property of life's, essential substance phrasing and mixes of particles and onecell.Response to the environmental changes which are: light, chemical, and touch are referred asStimuli. Reproduction is the second resource of life; Single-orbital living being DNA reproducedby duplication. Multicellular extraordinary reproduction germ line used to reproduce cells thatlater make used to make a new one, DNA- carrying genes can be passed alongside new livingbeings or organism, to guarantee that the offspring is belonging to the same species and alsoguarantees that there are similarities with the parents.Development and growth is the third part of life; all surviving organism used to increase andgenes used to code their complexity in their size and structures, newborn used to grow so that itcan acquire the characteristics of the parents. The fourth part of life is Energy Processing; manyof the living organism have their energy inside their body through metabolic responses, whileothers used to take energy from the earth’s atmosphere and after that, it gets converted into theChemical Energy.Fifth part of life is Homeostasis; which mainly controls circumstances like temperature, chemicalconcentration, and pH. Homeostasis is the capacity to keep up internal condition maintained.Organisms can keep up the inward temperature at the restricted range, regardless of thepossibility that the environment changes.Optimizing the environment is the sixth part of life; the behavior of the organism towards theenvironment and remain comfortable can be changed by the effect of Environment.
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