Internet Marketing


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Internet Marketing
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Smart restoration Ltd. have to use proper search
engine which helps in doing the advertisement
which helps the entity in attaining the success
in the competitive market.
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2.1 Demonstrate the mechanics of search engine marketing
Search engine marketing is the form of internet
marketing which involves the promotion of websites
by increasing the visibility in the search engine which
give the better result through paid advertising. Search
engine optimization (SEO) is a method which assist
in making the different strategies, techniques as well
as tactics so that they can increase the visitors to
website by obtaining the high rank. It is the process
which affect the visibility of the website which
provide the unpaid results which are organic, natural
or earned result.
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The two elements of search engine marketing is pay
per click and local advertising. Pay per click
advertising is a tool which assist in doing the
advertising via internet which is used to direct tariffs
to the website in the consumer. Local advertising
helps in doing the proper calculations which aid in
attaining the maximum position in the market. Along
with this Smart Restoration Ltd. have to assess the
quality of the product which is done by the search
engine as well as it helps in attaining the targets.
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