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Design and Creativity

1Task 1: Understanding how to organize the sales force:Issues need to be considered when considering the health, safety, equality and diversityduring planning the sales force structure, procedures and activities:All the employees need to take care of the health and safety of other fellow employees. Theyshould provide the first aid equipments, spaces or stairs in case of any fire, protective dresses andthe safe machineries. The company should follow some rules including the fire safety, cleantoilets, machinery, some hazardous substances, drinking water, first aid facilities, flexibleworking hours, uses of computers and the ban in smoking. The customers of the organizationneed to have available good s and services after the fixed working hours. The employees alsohave balance their personal life and their work schedule (Stapp, 2018). The company shouldprovide the equality to all employees and during the recruitment, the following areas should beconsidered including the equal pay, age and disability discrimination, race discrimination, sexualorientation and so on. Based on the health and safety act, 1974, section 2 the employers shouldensure the health, safety and welfare of the employees while they are working in any location.Under the health and safety act, the employers should create the environment where theemployees can follow safe working practices and the they should be provided guidance tomitigate the risks. Ways to employ human, financial and capital resources in the sales force:The sales forces can be employed not in the basis of salary but also in the operations of thepensions, compensations and the training. The employers need to control, manage and recruit thesales team to develop the territory metrics. The number of the sales force can be consideredthrough the Talley and the calculation. This process can be better to work on specificopportunities rather than making calls. The organization needs to provide enough sales for thesales forces to achieve the targets in the organization (Kahn et al. 2017). The sales territoryshould be considered and some points need to be considered including the customer preferences,decrease in the usefulness in the distribution channels, cost of territories and the complacency ofthe sales forces. Some compensation plan needs to be recognized to make the sells effectiveincluding the fixed compensation, only commission and the salary plus commission.

2Available specialist expertise during recruiting and supporting sales force and availableexpertise outside the organization:The organizations have changed their traditional hierarchical level of management system to theflat hierarchy. The sales manager needs to understand how they encourage the sales force todevelop the working relationship, motivate the team members and to deal with the organizationalproblems. The team can be formed in four stages including forming, storming, norming andperforming. In the first stage, it can be identified that all the group members have differentpersonal interest and values. In the storming stage, the team members are provided team’sobjectives and they are given individual tasks in the organization. In the third stage, the teammembers start to work together (Wang & Miao, 2015). The sales forces do their jobs, attend themeetings and make some kinds of efforts to do their job in collaborative manner. In theperforming stage, the people begin to perform as a team. The employers can identify the trickymoves of the team members to make the speedy success of the organization. In the performingteams the employees give their best because they want to be the best among another employees.In addition, in the adjourning stage, when the task is completed and the team members shift toanother sections, they feel good about what they have achieved. The team members are ofdifferent types including the plant (source of original ideas), the coordinator, the shaper,evaluator, team worker, the implementer and specialist. Along with that, the job specification canbe developed through the physical appearance, attainments, general interests, interests,circumstances and so on. For the recruitment and selection purpose, some acts need to beconsidered including the sex discrimination act, data protection act, disability discrimination act,health and safety acts, human rights act and more.Implications of different work practices and methods:The sales structures are changed from the organizational size and orientation types have beenadopted. The organizational designs consist of the core operation, technological structure,strategic apex, ideology and support staff. Organizational design can affect the sales of theorganization (Allen, 2019). Based on the concept of Jobber and Lancaster, the sales structuresare geographical, product, industry sector and the customer size. The sales structure can be thecombination of the chosen structures and it can easily be combined with the technical specialists.

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