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Substance Abuse and Crime: Correlation and Impact on Prisoners

Added on -2019-09-23

This review examines the correlation between substance abuse and criminal behavior among adult prisoners over an 11-month time frame. The study finds that substance use is related to increased levels of crime, particularly income-generating crime. The review adds to the knowledge concerning the relationship between substance use and crime by showing change within subjects over time, examining effects for different types of crimes and substances.
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1Substance Abuse and Crime and the correlation between themSubstance Abuse and Crime and the correlation between themYour NameSouthern New Hampshire University
2Substance Abuse and Crime and the correlation between themAbstractThis review examined the occurrence of substance abuse and criminal behaviour among the adult prisoners inside subjects over an 11-month time frame unending drug utilizing guilty parties. For this specimen, expanded substance utilize—cocaine or heroin use and also liquor utilize—was altogether identified with increments in self-reports of wage creating yet not a brutal crime.
3Substance Abuse and Crime and the correlation between themIntroductionSubstance abuse and crime are two of the most obstinate social issues confronting the UnitedStates. The connection amongst drugs and crime has been a point of supported enthusiasm toresearchers and strategy producers alike, as is confirmed by an extensive volume of literature.Here we discuss the relationship between the substance abuse and crime in respect toprisoner’s perception and experience (Maynard et al., 2015). MethodMethodology: The information for this review is collected by the descriptive, cross-sectional and randomsurvey among the adults, men and women prisoners. The direct interview was taken fromthose prisoners by maintaining appropriate time and at a specific place within prison systemover 11 months of study. This whole experiment was designed for providing a clear andconcise picture of the perceptions, experiences, and characteristics of prisoners in respect tosubstance abuse and crime (Lucia, 2012).Research Participants: Information utilized as a part of this review come principally from meetings with the reviewmembers around three years after they were arbitrarily doled out to conditions. Interviewswere directed in a private range, either in the workplaces of the Division of Parole andProbation, in prison or jail, or in a group area (Lucia, 2012 and Gottfredson et al., 2008).Data Collection/Instrumentation: This review utilizes month to month measures of (a) criminal movement broken out by kindof wrongdoing, (b) substance utilize broken out by sort of substance, and (c) medicatetreatment. These measures originated from subject self-report gotten in the meetingsportrayed before. The substance utilizes and wrongdoing measures were gathered utilizing a

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