Empowering Team Members Through Financial and Non-Financial Rewards


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Running head- Leading a Team
Leading a Team
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Leading a Team
Introduction to the Plan
Decision making is a very complicated, difficult, and complex task. It is very important to take
any decision which is acceptable by everyone. If anyone within the organization is not happy
with the decision, the effectiveness of the decision will decrease. Therefore, the interest of
everyone within the organization or outside of the organization should be kept in mind while
taking any decision. A decision can benefit all the stakeholders of the organization if the interest
of all the stakeholders is considering while taking any decision. To consider the interest of all the
stakeholders their presence is necessary. So, while taking a decision which benefits all the
stakeholders, I will call all the stakeholders to participate in the decision-making process.
Gaining Trust
It is very important for the team leader to gain the trust of the team members. Until or unless the
team members have faith in the team leader the team would not be effective to achieve the target
goals. The performance of the team would also be low, and hence the productivity would also
decrease. Therefore, it is very important to gain the trust of the team member to increase the
performance and productivity of the team. To gain the trust of the team members, it is important
to treat them fairly (Fiske et al., 2014). The team leader should lead the team from the front and
should not blame the members for any fault. Friendly behavior also helps in gaining the trust of
the team members. Allow them to participate in the decision-making process as well as in the
meeting and inform them about the new policy and procedures to gain the trust.
Encouraging the Team Member
Motivate and encourage the team members to trust and support each other to accomplish the
desired goals as a team is essential. To encourage them to work as a team it is important to make
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Leading a Team
them realize that working in a team is much easier than working individually. In a team,
everyone is supported by another member of the team. The financial or non-financial reward
should be ensured on the accomplishment of a goal within the given time is also one of the most
important tools to encourage them to work in a team (Slavin, 2014). Financial reward or
recognition of the team within the organization, word of appreciation by the top management,
positive feedback can help in encouraging them.
Collaborating and Supporting Other Team and Individual within the organization
An organization has different departments such as finance department, operation department,
marketing department, human resource, and information technology. In each department, there
are various teams to achieve the target goals of each department. For the overall growth and
development of the organization, each department should achieve its target goals. It is necessary
to understand that without the help of other department and the team no team or department can
effectively accomplish the goal (Hurlburt et al., 2014). Therefore, the team members of all the
team should be aware of this fact and help and collaborate with each team and individual.
Allocation of Key Tasks, Creating Accountability and Maintaining Alignment
The key tasks are the following- identifying the sales opportunities with the new and existing
customers, effective presentation of the product to the potential customers, building a permanent
relationship with the customers, generate the sales to meet the target, preparing and submitting
periodically report (Stopka et al., 2014).
The allocation of key tasks to the team member is to be done according to the proficiency of the
team members. For example- if someone is very good in building a positive relationship with the
customers he or she should not be allocated the responsibility of sales generation or another task,
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