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1E-PORTFOLIO5.1 Communication SkillsIn order to function successfully in the team, an individual needs to be able tocommunicate clearly on emotional and levels. Team leader plays a very important role inmotivating the team members and their thoughts towards the objectives and goals of theorganization and raise competitive advantage through action and innovative ideas proposedby each individual in the team. Following are the qualities of effective communicators:Expresses feeling a non-threatening but open way could let the leader to be able tocommunicate to other team members dealing all the concerns and merge the goals ofthe individual with the goals of the organization.Better in explaining personal ideas is the another objective, which will inspire theother members to bring their innovative ideas ahead and execute them for the benefitsof the organization (Gatautis and Vitkauskaite 2015).Properly listen to others, helps in understanding the hidden objective behind theinnovative idea that a team member might introduce.Ask questions about other’s emotion and decision, other great perceptive of the teamleader to listen about the mental condition other team members are facing in order topromote trust in them.React on activities and the interactions of the group members can help in merging allthe thoughts of each individual together and develop a new course of action in mannerto take the company towards its achievement. (Al-Weshah and Al-Zubi 2012). 5.2 Skills for a Healthy Group ClimateThere should be a sense of cohesion in order to work together with the group, whichneeds following skills:

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