Assignment of Knowledge and Information Management

Added on - 13 Sep 2019

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REFLECTIVE JOURNAL[Document subtitle]
1To make my assignment effective, it was very important to study and learn the concepts of theknowledge management and the information in every context for the development of theassignment. Further, in order to complete the assignment of knowledge and informationmanagement in project environment of the healthcare organization, it was necessary to find thekey components of knowledge management and the information in order to perform the taskswhich were given in four weeks.For creating the literature review of the paper, it significantly needed the great amount of skillsand the knowledge, and various journal articles are being read in order to implement the base ofthe study for the further development. For the academic writing skills, I intricate the significantcontext of the thesis in order to make my assignment according to the level of professionalism.Further, for my objective, I studied the concepts in depth and gained the knowledge ofinformation and the knowledge management and its pros and cons in the organizations and howthey can be improvised so that the organization can achieve sustainable competitive advantagealong with the maximization of the profitability. Also, the books and the articles were read inorder to gain the knowledge. By doing this, the basic idea of learning was being generated tocomplete the assignment effectively. So, for the skills advancement, the thoughts and theanalysis were focused and further this helped me in learning new concepts of development ofresearch analysis.Moreover, in order to gain knowledge by reading various articles and the books related to theknowledge management and the information, it required various aspects. And in completing theassignment by step by step, it needed the great set of expertise and the skills. For instance, thelearning from the e-tivity of four weeks is given below which helped me in completing theassignment effectively.
2Learning from Week 1:Key Concepts & Perspectives on Information & KnowledgeManagementThe purpose of the week one was to understand the nature of the knowledge in the organizationwhich I am familiar with or working with. This activity helped me in learning the approach ofthe knowledge management which was practice-based and the information management’sperspective of the objectivist. After learning the differences between the two, I observed that thehealthcare organization in which I am working is using the model of an objectivist perspective ofthe knowledge management. As the organization offers health services to the patients, so itrequires theoretical knowledge which is the significant kind of knowledge. Further, thetheoretical knowledge demonstrates the principles and the abstract knowledge which further canbe codified in the system of framework and rules for the action. I have also observed that thetacit knowledge is being embedded within the human activity practice (Cepeda, G., & Vera, D.(2007).By leaning the concept of the knowledge management and relating it to the organization where Iam working helped me in understanding the concept in depth. I have understood the importanceof knowledge management and how it can impact the organization positively and adversely.Further, I have understood that how the competitive edge of the organization gets impacted andhow the sharing and disseminating of knowledge affects the functioning of the organization.Also, I have understood that the organization is facing various challenges because of inefficientknowledge management and the staff is not able to share the information because of the securityloopholes. It has been observed that the healthcare organization requires the reliable informationmanagement system so that the information can be effectively shared and disseminated amongthe members of the staff. Further, this will help the organization in order to provide best quality
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