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A-1 Information SystemsPhone: 838-9009 Fax: 838-1115Internet: http://www.a1.comIntranet: http://www.a1.is.com/isDATE OF REQUESTSERVICE REQUESTED FOR ORGANIZATION03/15/2006Human ResourcesSUBMITTED BY (key user contact) EXECUTIVE SPONSOR (funding authority)NameGroup ENameGroup cTitleEmployee Relations ManagerTitlePresidentOffice1016, Bldg. 16OfficePhone838-1040Phoneext. 5TYPE OF SERVICE REQUESTED:Information Strategy PlanningExisting Application EnhancementBusiness Process Analysis and RedesignExisting Application Maintenance (problem fix)New Application DevelopmentNot SureOther (please specify ________________________________________________________BRIEF STATEMENT OF PROBLEM, OPPORTUNITY, OR DIRECTIVE (attach additional documentation as necessary)As for the address, their machine will be installed somewhere on campus. The changes or improvements this system could offer is the time you could save while contacting the restaurant themselves; this could be an easier and quicker mediator between the student and her or his selected restaurant. This system could also add various options for the student instead of only having to order from the cafeteria. We don’t think that there will be any employees besides the delivery drivers bringing the food from the requested restaurantBRIEF STATEMENT OF EXPECTED SOLUTIONDevelopment of the Employee Self-Service System (ESSS), a system that will house the repository containing the employee master data, which is the foundation for providing a common set of automated,integrated, platform-independent system solutions for Human Resources. This system would provide the capability for employees to maintain their own information regarding address and telephone numberchanges, beneficiary changes, United Way and other deductions.ACTION (IT Office Use Only)Feasibility assessment approvedAssigned to Kira Webster _______ Feasibility assessment waivedApproved Budget $ _____$225,000_____Start Date __ASAP___ Deadline _6 months__Request delayedBacklogged until date: ______________Request rejectedReason: ______________________________Authorized Signatures:________________________________________Jack Mills_________________ Project Executive Sponsor.

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