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Academic Skills Portfolio RESITTable of ContentsTaskPageLOSECTION A: PORTFOLIOEVIDENCEPortfolio evidence1: Evaluating sources & critically engaging with texts31&2Portfolio evidence2: Identifying key ideas & synthesising41&2Portfolio evidence3: Editing & Proofreading61&2SECTION B: WRITING TASKS(These written tasks should beWriting Task1 (Report or Essay)81Writing Task2 (Reflective Summary)93&41
Word count (+/- 10%):Section A:a minimum of 600 words for all 3 tasks in Section A.oPortfolio Evidence Task 1(at least 150 words)oPortfolio Evidence Task 2(at least 300 words)oPortfolio Evidence Task 3(at least 150 words)The word count for the tasks of Section A is “recommended”. This means that youcan write as many words as you like, provided that you meet the minimumnumber of words recommended in each task.Section B:oWriting Task 1 (900 words)oWriting Task 2 (300 words)The word count for Section B Tasks is compulsory (+/-10%).2
SECTION A: PORTFOLIO EVIDENCETask 1: Evaluating sources & critically engaging with texts(Word recommendation: at least 150 words)Choose 2 texts you intent to use as sources in your academic writing task in section B. If you have difficulty findingtexts, you can use the texts available on the Academic Skills area on GSM Learn page.Evaluate those 2 texts in relation to the following criteria.Make notes below.Text AText B ↓Resource type(e.g. book, journal et.c.)Book.JournalCitation/referenceWill Brexit affect the B2B eventsindustry?. 2016.Brexit reaction: Event planners outlinepros and cons of leave vote. 2016.Authority(Who is the author? Ishe/she qualified tospeak on this topic?)By :Base CreativeBy:LAUREN HOUGHTONCurrency(Is the text up-to-date?)YesYesContent(Is the content relevantto your topic?)YesYesAccuracy(Are any facts & ideassupported withevidence?)Yes it is supported with the evidenceThe fact provided in this article supportsthe topic and evidence.Audience(Who is this text writtenfor?)The text is written for EventManagement Industry and for Peopleof United Kingdom.This article is published in relation toeffects of Brexit on UK and Businesseswithin the country. It applies over theEvent management Industry.Further notes/comments3
SECTION A: PORTFOLIO EVIDENCETask 2: Synthesising(Word recommendation: at least 300 words)Part I: Identifying key ideas (at least 200 words)Read the 2 texts you used in the previous task.Think about the areas the 2 authors agree or disagree or both.Note down the key points of each text, relevant to the areas they agree or disagree or both, below (atleast 100 words per text).You should write notes (bullet points) and use your own words (paraphrase).Text A:Key ideas:Impact of Brexit: The author shows how Brexit will impact EventIndustry. Itshows the issues that will create problems in Event planning sector ofUnited Kingdom. Author agrees to the negative impact of Brexit on industryand it shows the demerits of EU referendum.The article shows positive impact of Brexit. It shows how UK decision toleave EU will create opportunities for United Kingdom population and helpin creating value for money.The Author shows opportunities like; working of International companies,positive impact of Sterling drop, etc. thus it shows the underlyingopportunities that will be explored by businesses in UK.Text B:Key ideas:Impact of EU referendum: The article shows how European Unionreferendum will affect the businesses of Event management Industry in UK.The author completely agrees with negative impact of Brexit over UKeconomy. It discuss about the issues of shortage of budget and recruitmentproblems.Author disagree on the matter of positive impact as it only discussesharmful effects of UK and further it dose not support benefits or merits thatUnited Kingdom will receive after existing European Union.It discusses about all kinds of threats unlike, above author it dose not showany opportunities for businesses in UK and Britain.4
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