Unlocking Business Potential through Social Media


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Advantages and disadvantages using social network inBusiness:Introduction: The role and use of social media in business is to decision making and operation andmanagement are widely discussed. The strategic importance of social media are highlyimportant for the competitiveness of business environment. The online world is rapidlyevolving with business due to competition and people are attract toward the online shoppingand social media. The business development team of organization have to take part forbusiness direct or indirect for attract customer and promote product to customer individually.Thought the business development have to face challenge of intellectual property and articleswas found over the past many years. The phenomenon of social networking and developmentof social media has been the most dramatic development in the information age over therecent years. The journalist and business expertise who tweet them opinion and comments onthe internet for others need to be aware that they could be subject to law suits. The social network like youtube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many other socialnetworking side are mostly used by youngster and above the age of 30 and 40. Usually thoseperson who are aware with smartphone and internet, majority of them use social networkingsite for own purpose. The business organization also take part as technology develop. Peoplecan buy and sell any product through social media platform.it is not necessary that personsare belong to specific country.it is not just use for business purpose, the social network siteuse for person, professional and education purpose. The site also keep connecting peoples tochat, calling, share pictures, images and many more. People can develop own page todistribute own blogs and comment about the specific information which is usually notavailable for any source. the social networking site Facebook is one of the most accessiblesite among the entire world. The Facebook self-5th community among the largest communityof people. As users increases and technology developed there are always negative side whichcannot avoidable. If business people consider social media as tool to connect with peoplethen the social media also disaster for business also and they may be terminate entire businessstructure in short period. 1 | Page
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Aim: Advantage and disadvantages of social network in business.Objective: To discuss about pro and cons of social media for business peoples and customer.How business developer deals with social media in order to attract customer andpromote product? How social media itself invite downfall for any business? Project scope: The article provide both side of social media whereas positive and negative. The articlediscuss about the how social media and new technology affect the business development andinvite downfall of business in short time. How the business promote their productindividually to customer and how business expand through customer and customer groupcircle. How expert advice impact on product and also it affect the business growth andcustomer interest. Literature review: Social media and internet are two popular technology amount the entire business world.These are the technology which helps to bought together peoples and put into same platform,these platform provide to executive the business ability and joint people to change business tobusiness communication, business to customer communication and customer to customercommunication. The aim of the reports is to provide positive things about the social mediaand negative things of social media for both customer as well as business developer. The social media is one of the biggest platform for marketing, it also called e-marketing. Thesocial media provide platform to connect people world- wide. The business developer easilyfound their current and potential customer. Facebook alone have 1.13 billion users and theseare the large the 5th large community among the world community. All kind of peoples whoare aware with technology they probably use youtube directly or indirectly, personally orprofessionally, for knowledge purpose or for study purpose, for entertainment or for funpurpose. Youtube social site majority access by any users. So the youtube also provide goodopportunity for business expand, develop and aware about the product to customer. Theyoutube advertisement play significant role for marketing and promote organization productor service. Twitter has 313 million monthly active users, Instagram has 500 million users. It2 | Page
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is not rule and compulsory that business organization can use single platform and singleaccount in order to promote product or deal with the customer. You can create multipleaccount in order to promote product and sell product as per client comment and client likesabout the product. One of great advantage of all kind of social media is that these can be easy to access and freeto create account. It is also free to upload images, video, chats, conference. Video calling andmany more option that provide detail idea about the product. So the organization only need toinvest time in order to promote product as maximum as they can. There are no expire datefor any social media account, users can use that site life long and available 24 x 7 days.Sometimes there are paid website for advertisement, but it is not necessary to use paidwebsite in order to attract customer. This also useful for those business who provide service. The social media use as encourage the product by sharing. The uniqueness of social media isthat not only you but your follower also get inform about the business product or service.They are able to get information about the product if they follow the page of that company orproduct, also customer get information and updates about the product as company provideupdate, there is not necessary to inform each customer about the product. Although peoplemost like to share thing with their networks by sharing photos, video, articles and hot deals. Itlike automatic marketing, it’s like marketing through customer, it’s like marketing throughconnect like with network. Unlike other forms of internet marketing, like your site and paidadvertisements, social media is often share with their followers. This marketing tactics are frequent and effective compare to traditional marketing strategies.The social media give frequent and effective response, also provide customer like and dislike,customer choice and interest, the organization can promote product or service as per clientcomment. The social media help to increases brand loyalty, they increasing the reach of your brand. Thesocial media allows business to increase brand loyalty. According to survey and research thesocial habit shows that around 55% of citizen of USA who follow the social media are morelikely to remain loyal to those brands. Social media is more than sales pitch. That providetwo way communication to customer that allow organization to build meaningfulrelationships with current and potential customers. This activity make them more confident3 | Page
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