PHP and MySQL Database Driven Website Assignment

Added on - Sep 2019

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Aims & Objective The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to create a database drivenwebsite using PHP and MySQL.Brief You’ve been asked to create a website called Rainforest, an online shop where products arelisted for sale and can be reviewed by customers. Each product has a name, manufacturer and priceand is assigned to a specific category, for example: Clothing, Toys, Electronics, Books.Users can then browse all the products listed on the website and add a review for the product.Basic Requirements (Grades D- to C )The system must:1. Have a password protected administration area that has functionality for (20 functionality marks):a) Adding productsb) Adding categoriesc) Assigning products to categoriesd) Editing an existing products and categoriese) Deleting productsf) Deleting categories2. Have a publicly visible front end that allows users to (20 functionality marks):a) Browse all productsb) Filter products by the category they are assigned toc) Add a review to a product by entering:1. Their name2. Their review3. Their email address4. Their rating out of 5d) The date a review is made should also be loggede) View all the reviews which have been added by other customersPlease note: Online purchasing is not a basic requirement, you only need to implement productlistings and reviews for a pass grade.It is up to you how you structure your application and you may extend it with additional functionalitythat you think would be useful. Possible enhancements include:• User accounts allowing users to return and log in to the system instead of entering their detailseach time (10 functionality marks)• Shopping cart/order products online. Do not ask for credit card information, just log the shoppingcart in the database and allow administrators to see the orders that have been placed (10functionality marks)
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