An Introduction to Human Resources


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Human resource can be describing
as the business function which responsible
to conducting different activities in order
to manage employees. This is important
part of organisation as it will help in
increasing timely completion of task as
well as attaining set goals.
This leaflet is based on Lego company.
This is one of the well-established
company that is developing high quality of
toys. Lego company was established in
1949 and it is providing its products and
services to different part of the world. This
company is named as Lego for Danish
phrase leg godt, this means “play well”.
This company has set large logo with
brighter color for attracting customers.
This leaflet will include different functions
of human resource. Various approaches of
recruitment and selection process is
properly analyzed. Apart from this
practices and procedures of performance
management is evaluated.
Evaluate the development of human
resource functions
Human resource is one of the most
important part of organisation as it is
responsible for conducting different
functions of organisation. Lego human
resource function is helpful in meeting
with the goals and objectives of business.
Human resource function of organisation
will lead to develop strong brand image of
respective company by conducting
different corporate social responsibilities.
Recruitment and selection - This is one
of the essential function of organisation as
this will help in attracting and influences
most capable and suitable employees for
organisation. It is important for Lego
company to hire highly talented and
capable employees so that they can work
Managing employees – It is essential for
organisation to manage its employees and
their performance in order to achieve set
goals of business. By managing employees
respective company will be able to develop
strong relationship with customers. This
function of human resource will lead to
foster the better working environment and
performance of employees.
An Introduction to Human Resources

Corporate social responsibilities - It is
important for organisation to conduct
different corporate social responsibilities
as this will help in creating strong
relationship with customers. There are
different ways through which company can
perform CSR activities and Lego company
is providing toys to orphanage. This
company is providing high quality or
different types of toy products. These toys
can be used for entertainment and
educational purpose also. By conducting
this activities respective company is able to
contribute their efforts towards society and
its growth.
Critically examine the traditional and
contemporary approaches of recruitment
and selection process.
There are various methods and
approaches of recruitment and selection
process that can be used by company. This
process will help in identifying the most
suitable employees in order to fill the
vacant position of Lego company.
Recruitment and selection process is
mention below in detail.
Job advertisement – There are different
ways through which respective company
can post advertisement of job. This is first
step of recruitment and selection process as
in this respective company will post the
requirement in candidate for organizational
vacant position. Lego company is posting
job advertisement through online portal,
official website, newspaper advertisement
and so on. All of these are effective
method in order to attract large number on
interested candidates towards organisation.
Application for job – In this step interested
candidate will apply for the vacant position
of Lego company. While applying for the
job, candidate will go through the
requirement of business and roles.
Interested candidates will fill the job
application in order to apply for the vacant
Screening of application – At this phase
of recruitment and selection human
resource of Lego company will screen all
of the applications. This will help in
determining the most appropriate
application of candidate. All those
candidates who are capable are selected
and other are rejected.
Test All those candidates who are
selected through screening of application
will be called for test. There are different
types of test such as aptitude, achievement
test, personality test and so on. This will
help in determining the most capable and
skilled employee.
Interview – In this step of recruitment and
selection process interviewer will take
interview of candidate. This is an effective
step as in this interviewer will be able to
identify to attitude and behavior of
candidate. This step in effective in gaining
in depth understanding about the

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